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Animated Shorts That Will Brighten Your Day · 1:08am Sep 15th, 2016

I found a bunch of animation companies and independent directors who put up their small animated shorts for people to view on YouTube. I thought I would share them because they are really awesome and thought provoking. These were uploaded by the animation companies and independent directors themselves to be shared on YouTube, so be sure to check out their websites linked in the description of their videos to find out about other projects they have completed or are working on.

Death & Elsie - Part One:

Death & Elsie 2 - An Elephant's Memory:

Death & Elsie 3 - A Parting Gift:

Here are some more animated shorts that will brighten your day.



Reflection - Medusa:

Changing Batteries:


The Forest:

The Tale of the Three Brothers:

Tone Deaf:

Before Sunrise:


A Fox Tale:


Rain Town:

Little Heart:


Control Bear:

Invisible loneliness:


Jojo in the Stars:

A Tale of How:

Eye of the Storm:


Alice and the Giant Emptiness:

The Alchemist's Letter:

Comments ( 15 )

Here's some you will enjoy.

4210380 Oooo those look cool. Thank you for sharing. I will check them out now. :)

4210387 You're welcome.

4210418 I just watched them all (I am finishing up the fan theory one) and they are all great!

4210424 Glad you're enjoying it. The first one I had to track down from Newgrounds.

4210441 I like the first one a lot. It looks like it is part of a larger series and I would love to see the other videos in the series too when I have some free time. :)

4210817 It is part of a larger series, but I don't think the creator is continuing it. The original set was brought over from newgrounds, and at the time it was there it was just a series of cute videos. This one was the first time they tried turning it into a larger story, and I do hope the creator comes back to continue it some day.

4210922 I hope so too because I've enjoyed the videos I have watched about the world and such and they are really interesting.

4211092 They really are.

4211096 Yes indeed. :)

4211253 I am glad that you enjoyed watching them my friend. :)


Your welcome, and thanks again :twilightsmile:

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