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    So Frustrated...

    Ok guys, so here's the deal with Silent Night. I've had the next chapter ready to go for the longest time, but was never able to type it out because of my eyes...Now, my e-reader is FINALLY letting me post here on fimfiction, which it never let me do before, but there's a slight problem... I am in the midst of moving, and I have completely lost that chapter...That is what happens when you have to

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    Pony Party

    The first chapter of Pony Party is out! If you like a series of unfortunate events, chances are you'll want to check this one out.

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    Dial B for Bon Bon

    Dial B for Bon Bon is online! I've been wanting to get this one out for quite some time.
    It's just a short one shot comedy with Lyra and Bon Bon, so be sure to check it out!

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    Passover (And the reason my updates have been so slow.)

    Hey guys. Let me start off by saying I don't use this site to preach. This is the very first time on this site that I am posting about personal beliefs. This blog is directed more towards those following me who may themselves be christians. Passover is beginning. Now, I wish we would pay more attention to this feast day than Easter.

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    Stupid Valentines Day

    Forever Alone
    A Valentines Story of Me, Myself, and I...

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Like Mist Over The Eyes (Shout out to a good friend of mine who is writing her own books!) · 10:29pm Aug 28th, 2016

Ok guys, I will be completely honest, I have not actually read any of her books as of yet. So I can't really tell you much about them. But she's trying to raise money via Kickstarter, and I thought I would post this on here in case anybody is interested in fantasy novels, and decides to actually support her. She has a video on her Kickstarter page that describes what she is doing.

This is actually her second book in a series she is writing called the White Changeling series. Her Kickstarter is on until the end of September 5th.

There are plenty of rewards if you do decide to pledge!

You can also find her books on Amazon:

The First book in her White Changeling series, is titled "Hidden In Sealskin", and a sample can be read from Amazon.

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