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No Man's Sky · 11:23am Aug 22nd, 2016

Yeehaw! I just got the game and have just got around to playing this sweet game. I didn't think I would ever be able to afford it, but I was able to.

Here are the videos into this brand new and amazing world.

Comments ( 14 )

Reached center of the Galaxy yet?

4164492 I just started and I got a whole planet to explore.

What the hell do you think, bucko?

4164495 I think it's a good joke. :ajsmug:

I'm better off in Battlefleet gothic where I just ram ork ships...

This game is trash!

Angry Joe completely rekt this piece of shit in his review.

4164498 Well....

At least I get a whole universe to explore.

If I wasn't in High School and I had a job... I would probably lose that job.

But, then again, my career choice is Navy so I get to be on a ship for four years without a gaming system. Man, am I going to have nightmares.

4164499 Yep. He made a lot of good points, I saw the review too.

But I believe the game warrants at least a 7/10. In no way is it a 5 or a 10.

IF you get past all the nerfed shit, the game is really enjoyable. Its the first game to be an OPEN UNIVERSE. And I loved Minecraft and Terraria, so this game is my shit. Its fun to explore and see what kind of lifeforms you will find, its fun to come up with lame-ass names for the shit too.

I named one plant "A".

Also, if you wanna see trash, watch the new Fear The Walking Dead episode.

4164504 Yeah, no, I've seen the reviews for Fear the Walking Dead. I think I'll stick with The Walking Dead, thank you very much.

Mate, they cut way too much for it be a 7/10 game. I hate it as is right now and I think its a 4/10. It needs soooooo much more work.

4164500 You want a sandbox of neverending possibilities. To be free.
I like my cage however. Just put some more molten lava under it... i like the thrill of the game kicking me back into my place...


IF you get past all the nerfed shit, the game is really enjoyable.

I still say it warrants at least a 7. To each their own though.

You know, I hear buildable structures are coming in a future DLC or update.

4164859 Can't see the image. Imgur blocked us, remember?

Meh, maybe I'll come back to it in a few months where it would be $30(being generous) or less to buy. I already sent it back to Gamefly.

4165409 I like the game. Eh. It was worth the buy in my opinion.

4165402 It was an irrevelant quote meme eather way...

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