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News · 2:01am Oct 26th, 2016

Time to face facts.

This one-shot of mine is taking forrreeevvveeerrrr and i'm getting frustrated with it. So I've decided, after much consideration, to go ahead and resume A US Marine in Equestria while I continue to work on this one-shot. Hopefully Ill get done with it soon, but no promises, btw Thunder Bolt, keep that idea you got in the pocket for now, as it is a really good one and if you forget it then ill feel bad because ill be responsible.

Anyways, expect a US Marine update in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience if you have any, and I fully understand if any of you want to spear me with a pitchfork and burn my computer with torches, I fully understand.:twilightsmile:

Slainte mhaith!

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