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    Eremo Anthropomorphic Personification: Of Knowledge and Distance. The Hermit: Both his Tarot number, and his actual characterization. He normally keeps to himself and says very little to the others.
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    Twilight Sparkle was HIS, as much as Sunset Shimmer was hers.

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Pony POV World Building, gods and Heaven · 7:06am Aug 2nd, 2016

Pony POV World Building, gods and Heaven.

Even concepts visiting their mortal loved ones can not cross the threshold into paradise itself.

No god can meddle with the souls who have entered paradise. This law is absolute.

Havoc and Entropy first Draconequus, now known as D___t, thought the souls within paradise were held captive, enslaved, used as batteries to power the Father of Alicorns or were simply eaten. And thus saw himself as a hero trying to violate an unviolatable law of reality. He forcefully tried to enter in spite of warnings, and was knocked back to his Mother's realm in response. Many believe now this was the last straw that led to D___t demanding Entropy destroyed all the Alicorns and their 'oppression' on mortals Herself (in spite of the Father of Alicorns not being an Alicorn himself).

While Princess Celestia believes that Entropy simply erased D___t without a second thought for daring to demand something of Her, (and Havoc is legendary for still not being warm towards his wife in this matter), Hell and Oblivion's other children claim a great fight took place between their eldest brother, and their Mother assuming the form of a gray earth mare limiting Herself to only that, with the details having been sealed and hidden.

No god can meddle with the souls who have entered paradise, even Father of Alicorns himself can not bid them to stay or go or what choices they make. But no act of evil happens anyway. "Paradise is not Paradise for what it is, but for who is there, otherwise, it is just a place."

Opposed to Havoc who is not above toying with those sentenced to his realm (Discord got his sense of humor from him but did not apply it only to the damned), the Father of Alicorns does not manipulate, nor control the souls within him, merely serving as where they rest and continue to grow.

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I always wondered if Shining Armor was getting a raw deal in that respect. Many ponies say "'Til Death do us part," but they don't mean it, since they will be reunited and living together forever in Pony Heaven. For Shining Armor though, that quote is literal.


Unless he managed to become an Alicorn himself. Even Venus didn't get to be with her husband, only visit.

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