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Just saw the new episode · 4:05am Jul 31st, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

LOOK ALIVE!! You may never hear these words from me again as long as I live.

This was actually a pretty good Rainbow Dash episode.

Ugh, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth . . . . :pinkiesick:

Anyway, I'm working for most of the week, so this vid will be delayed. But it will come. As will another Season One review.

No matter what the fantastically creative little warm fuzzy ball of love known as "Screw LightningSword" has to say about it. :raritywink::ajsmug::trollestia:

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

Report LightningSword · 361 views · #new episode
Comments ( 11 )

I was wondering what you were going to say about this episode. Glad to see you're not like the other Dash haters I know. Brohoof!:rainbowdetermined2:

I haven't seen the new episode. I need to watch it

I completely forgot that you dislike Rainbow Dash, lol.

Why is there no Luna emoji?
(All these characters and no Luna)

Oh, buddy, :p
See what happens when you just hae fun with a rainbow dash epsiode? :pinkiehappy: now you can agree with me on Newbie Dash being the greatest epsiode this season ^^

4124164 Cannot, did not, will not ever say that. I still detest Rainbow Dash, and that will never change. For once, the writers dialed down her most obnoxious traits. At best, she's only JUST NOW developing (Flutter-haters can kiss my ass), and at worst, it was a fluke.

A Rainbow Dash episode you like? It must be good.

This episode was quite fun. :twilightsmile:

Rainbow Dash is a fantastic character when the writers actually show her respect.

She's also way cuter the Fluttershy imo.

Yay for Rainbow Dash having a good episode for once!:twilightsmile:

4124544 And you're welcome to it.

You're wrong, but you're entitled to be so. :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

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