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My friends...Thank you...I love you too

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    Hello, every pony!

    I'm happy to announce that you'll be getting a bunch of updates this month. As I use the excuse of NaNoWriMo to write 50k on my already existing stories! See you all soon!

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    Thank you to everyone who read/commented on my month of facts. I'm thankful that I was able to spread awareness for this little-known and understood condition.

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New episode of Pony · 4:15pm Jul 30th, 2016

So the new episode just ended...

It was so AWESOME!
Poor Twilight... You'll get to go next time

Report Foals Errand · 384 views · #new episode
Comments ( 3 )

Oh, you only say that because it was about us... If we went to Twilght conventions instead of pony conventions... I want to go to Twicon and argue about the ascension...

Because that really is what it was about, I mean "everything after book three is terrible"? Also... I think that the number of books was a bit confusing... but meh, at least we will never see Quibble again and we can all forget about him almost trying to steal Twi's waifu. Unlike that guy trying to steal Dashie's waifu.

Oh, it's already released. I thought it would be September, not August. If I only had the time I would have watched this episode. But for now.. work. Work. Workworkwork.

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