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Ramble Ramble Ramble (Blog 1: ''AAAH! BEYONCE IS THE NEW BLACK VERSION OF TERMINIX!'') · 11:17am Jul 25th, 2016

A few months ago, I heard that there was this lady named Tomi Lahren of Glenn Beck's TheBlaze who propagated a new lie on the world: Beyoncé showed during this year's Super Bowl that she wants to overthrow the white domination!!!

(Courtesy of Mercury Radio Arts; Glenn Beck, president)

Not only is the statement Ms. Lahren propagated false, it's also completely unfair to the person who they call Queen Bey. For the record, I don't recall Queen Bey ever saying anything that was along the lines of ''Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting white people''. Ms. Lahren should've apologized for this nonsense but instead . . .

Tomi Lahren's social media has been flooded with nasty comments since her brutal critique of Bey went viral. Lahren tells TMZ the "Black Lives Matter folks" and "militant Bey Hivers" completely missed her message -- that America should be coming together.

Lahren, I assume, chose to stomp on that particular message with one foot a la Monty Python in favor of stating that Beyoncé is essentially a version of Terminix designed for white people control. The tactic Ms. Lahren is quite similar to that used by Rex Reed after he was confronted about his assumption that Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for her performance in My Cousin Vinny because Hollywood had something they wanted to cover up.

She insists she's not racist and wants all her haters to know this -- "Don't you dare come at me with your hate and your call to violence and your threats on my life and tell me racism is a one-way street."

Most everyone watching you is simply stating that you essentially attempted to transform Beyoncé into a new version of Terminix aimed at the white people of the world using incredibly dishonest, unfair jargon. This isn't a call to violence. This isn't hate. This isn't a threat on your life. This is simply you getting called out for your own stupid, rancid behavior, of the type for which you have unfortunately refused to apologize which is something we all wanted you to do in the first place.

For more information:

(Courtesy of Rob Explains/Comics Explained)

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Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers are both racist, violent terrorist organizatioons.

4111804 The New Black Panther Party is even listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I have nothing against Queen Bey or George Clooney, and I have the ability to respect their political opinions; I even made a blog decrying the lack of respect for political opinions of others in the present day.

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