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  • 6 weeks
    Women we are no longer, Ohms we be!


    Poetry alert! Poetry alert! Poetry Alert!

    Oh my! Is that an Aria huggin' Blaze at my keyboard?!

    [Warning, Sharp Edges and DJs Aheads!]

    DJ-p0n3 here with buet butt-kicker Aria Blaze

    JUSTICE AND VENGEANCE AND SUNSET & ARIA B & VYNIL look, we made a poem it's on CommaFull.

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  • 7 weeks
    Short story posting!

    Sunset and I and a bunch of others, (:pinkiehappy: There was a Ninja, some woman with green hair named Gertrude, probably my sister Vengeance, and Lord Skywalker. You know. The one that likes to snorkle.) colabed on a story!

    If you like magic, myth, and also our poetry, please give it a read!

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  • 7 weeks
    Blessings of the Supreme Beings and Creators (Blessings for the Terrestrials)

    May the stars above, below, and around you be your guide

    May they shine through the blackest nights, shine on the cloudiest days, and shine through the whitest days

    May the sky keep you. May the clouds watch over you

    May the rains caress and keep you well

    May day bring you joy and night keep you safe

    May the earth and ground beneath you guide your path

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  • 8 weeks
    Like a mighty Pheonix, the Fox Returns.

    We interrupt your irregular scheduled assault on Society Indoctrination to bring more unscheduled assaults on Society Indoctrinations.

    Hey read-a-rinos!

    Remember when using the internet didn't suck and Wookiepedia didn't redirect you to Disneylazyland Star Wars pages?

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  • 14 weeks
    Mother Moon's Sleep and Sister Sun's Serenade

    Mother moon has gone to bed

    Leaving you a book unread

    Sister Sun is here to help you out

    So wash your face at the spoutĀ 

    Sister Sun is here behind the clouds

    To keep alit the ground below

    Her light still touches in the shade

    Its still time to greet the day

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Dazzling story by Nova Quill · 3:28am Jul 12th, 2016

Nova Quill has put down the digital pen for a moment and picked up the digital typewriter... or something. She's writing a collection of Dazzling shorts called Putting the Fun Back in Dysfunctional.

If your a fan of my Dazzling stuff, I highly recommend checking her story out. Plenty of the girl's weirdness awaits!

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