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  • Saturday
    Writing has been slow this week.

    So after rapid-fire writing and posting those updates to Unicorn Attack, I decided to resume posting in the order that I was previously.

    But the next chapter updates aren't going smoothly. You would think that restaurant business in a college town would slow down with school being out, but that's not the case just yet.

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  • Wednesday
    Shameless Plug Time!

    Furry? Fan of the old Rampage games?


    Have a spare $4.50?

    Then check out Pawperty Damage on Steam, which just released today! Particularly if you've had a bad day at work.

    Pawperty Damage (Steam Store)

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  • 1 week
    Tell Your Tale: Ponytropico

    This week, the Mane 5 have to catch a ferry even though they have a flying RV, Zipp doesn't know how to fly around storm clouds, and Sparky is still eating everything in sight.

    And the showrunners have used this song three times now.

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  • 1 week
    Miles' Misc. Updates

    Alright, if you don't follow my Twitter, here's what I've been up to this week.

    After quitting Diablo 2 Resurrected after getting my teeth kicked in with the beginning of Nightmare difficulty, and facerolling my way through the easy-by-comparison Diablo 3, I took part in the Diablo IV Server Slam this past weekend.

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  • 2 weeks
    Pretty sure this guarantees a sequel.

    Sonic Frontiers has finally de-throned Sonic Heroes as the bestselling 3D Sonic game of all time.

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Really, 343? · 11:12pm Jul 2nd, 2016

I know you were probably really excited to debut your bullet sponge mode, but you never thought to add a Sudden Death feature if the boss was being fired upon? So this fucking bullshit doesn't happen?

Honest to god I hope the game's population suffers if you don't fix this. We finally have a full game eight months later and what should be an amazing PVE mode is severely tarnished because you're too busy catering to the MLG tryhards who said the firefight beta was too easy.

Bullet sponges belong over in that pile of shit called Destiny. We were so fucking stupid for believing you when you claimed this mode wouldn't be REQ dependent.

Comments ( 21 )

What did you expect from the people who put out a $60 game wherein you have to pay $1,000 for all the multiplayer skins and armors, or grind 5,000+ hours to rack up worthless REQ points to raffle off shitty weapon cards and never get the armor you were hoping for so they force you to pay for the $25 pack because it has the Mark-V armor and Classic BR skins?

I honestly fell out of playing Halo 5 months ago. Got boring and repetitive. And to see this happening? Wow.

....... *sigh* I want to say something but I know for a fact if I do all that'll happen is that I get my asshole ripped open and violently torn to shreds for DARING to defend Destiny... so instead I'll just shrug and move on instead of pissing off people.

4064172 say what you wish, I'll back you up guardian

4064681 *Deep breath*

The only reason Destiny gets any hate nowadays is because people focus solely on the fact that it started out as a shitty game and I admit it was a shitty game. But it's improved so much thanks to the Taken King and the soon to come Rise of Iron expansion that it's hardly the same thing it was back in year one. You could hardly call the two the same thing. That's how much it's improved. Oh and the bullet sponge bosses? Yeah Doom's done the same thing back in it's early days and World of Warcraft does it but it's just called Damage Sponge bosses instead. The hate is getting old and worn thin. Almost on par with the Mass Effect 3 ending hate. It's getting RIDICULOUS. So yeah. Go ahead and say that the game was shitty but ask yourself this... have you actually played The Taken King... or did you just stick to Year One and just ditch it before it could actually improve?

4064689 No, I cut my $60 loss. Why the hell would I spend more money on a game I had tried so hard, and failed, to justify my initial purchase?

4064705 Because it's WORTH that $60 purchase now. The enemies and weapons are more levelled out and expansion gives story. There's still some glitches but no where close to as many as there were in the Year One edition. In other words it's DAMN well improved.

4064713 The expansions would have to be free. I spent two weeks straight playing the same strikes over and over again, grinding my light level, praying to the heathen RNG gods, when it finally clicked and I asked myself "What the hell am I doing?" I moved on and I haven't looked back. Each to their own.

4064723 Get the Legendary Edition which includes the main game and all three expansions. The only one that's being put on sale is Rise of Iron and it's a very cheap thirty dollars. Hell I could buy it and I'm usually damn near broke.

Edit: Oh and until Rise of Iron? No Gjallarhorn.

4064726 I barely touch my console anymore. I'd much rather put that money towards camera or camping equipment. Papa needs a tripod.

4064728 And it's for PC as well.

4064729 A PC version of Destiny has not been confirmed.

4064730 Huh... weird.... well your loss, or gain knowing you, then.

4064731 Yeah, Destiny is long behind me. And this...

Just halve the respawn timers and enemy health, and I won't put it down.

I'm sorry, but when I empty an entire Suppressor clip into a soldier (Prometheans are supposed to be weak against forerunner weapons) and he doesn't go down, something's amiss. Firefight feels great when everything goes your way, but it should feel fun even when things don't go according to plan. Failing at the last second like that made me walk away tonight. It's not fun.

4064734 In areas where it's not Darkness regen's usually.... what. Five or so seconds. I don't know about enemy health but then again I never played Year One.

4064736 I'm talking about Warzone Firefight. The increasing respawn timer has to go. It's 30 seconds between spawns on Round 5. And when the game places you on the other side of the map sometimes, it's certain failure.

4064739 ...... I think you're talking about Halo again dude.

4064747 .... shit I've been talking about Destiny. Damn I've been rambling.

4064689 I actually agree with this. Unlike the division(which never tried to fix itself) Destiny is updated fairly often, at least enough to keep it fresh for awhile. Is it perfect? No far from it. However, they did just enough to keep it shaken up. Hell, house of wolves drastically changed how gear was earned compared to earlier versions, and taken king brought with it fewer spongy enemies(except the cabal ones, they're still spongy). Most of the raid bosses had very specific methods of being damaged (Warpriest with the Aura, Golgoroth with the pools of light and the gaze, and Oryx with the... Oryx stuff). And while the taken are annoying as all hell, they are an interesting spin on the familiar enemies. Most importantly, there's a story now, with cutscenes.

However, as both of us did say, it's far from perfect. Loot, while definitely smarter, is a bitch to get, and a lot of good loot is either locked behind grindy quests(Chaperone, the Swords, Sleeper, exotic class items) or confusing and difficult ones(NTTE, Black Spindle). A lot of the taken kings events that aren't on the dreadnaught do take place in previously visited places(most notable being the 2 raid locals and the crota crystal room). Leveling is easier, but not too different from the vanilla except for a second number. So I do understand why some people just don't like the game, and there could very well be reasons I didn't list here.

And that's all I have to say about that. Sorry for that Miles, you can have your comments back.

Yeah, there's about 50 feedback threads, along with an official one, over on Waypoint. The general consensus is that respawn timers are too long, boss rounds tend to be too short, the bosses themselves are massive bullet sponges, and prometheans take too long to kill. Hopefully 343 listens.

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