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We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

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    Hopefully gonna get some help..

    I'm not well. My mind is so unraveled that I feel like I'm going to collapse into a panic attack any day now In the middle of work. My brain is screaming and weeping noise at me nonstop, incoherent ramblings and insults and mutterings, and I feel like I'm going to pass out just from mental fatigue.

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    I'm back! (Kind of)

    I'm finally back in the states! After 7 months in sh*tty Afghanistan, I've finally made it back. And everything is an episode of nightmare before Christmas.
    What's this? What's this?
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    Welp. It's my birthday today.

    I'm 23 now.

    Fuck, I am OLD.

    Also got the shit smacked [repetitively] out of me by my company mates.

    So that happened.

    Also midnight shifts are now a thing and our new first seargant forbade sleeping before 1600 so yay...

    More exhaustion and back problems...

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    Haven't said anything for a while..... Yyyup.

    Anyone else get weirdly pissed off by stories/chapters that are X999 words long?

    yes I'm writing, I'm sorry it's slow, it's hot as hell out where I am and I'm busy with work. One day off a week and that day being filled with training does that to a guy.

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This is not okay · 4:35pm Jun 13th, 2016

Why is there no God of expletives?
For all us awkward people who reflexively shout 'fuck' when we run into walls, doors, what have you, who do we honor with our numerous cursing?

Report Shadowsciver · 310 views · #Why
Comments ( 12 )

Maybe we should create one :P

I use swears and it helps me not stay as angry

Create a god? Wouldn't that be.. Playing god?

4019586 it would be creating a deity for something that many people do

4019588 still making a god though. And it's on a MLP site so would it be an Mlp God of swearing?

4019596 hmm.... and yes it would be...

I bet somewhere deep in Greek mythology, there was once a god for just that reason.

4025791 Yes! The story was: One day Zeus was fucking everything he saw (just like real Greek mythology), when he stumbled upon a cactus (Even though I doubt there are any cacti in Greece). He then tried fucking said cactus, but it hurt his dick for obvious reasons. He yelled "Ow, fuck!" Which prompted the cactus to birth 'Fuckyoucus'.

Hercules ain't got shit on Fuckyoucus.

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