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We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

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  • 188 weeks

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  • 271 weeks
    Hopefully gonna get some help..

    I'm not well. My mind is so unraveled that I feel like I'm going to collapse into a panic attack any day now In the middle of work. My brain is screaming and weeping noise at me nonstop, incoherent ramblings and insults and mutterings, and I feel like I'm going to pass out just from mental fatigue.

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  • 272 weeks
    I'm back! (Kind of)

    I'm finally back in the states! After 7 months in sh*tty Afghanistan, I've finally made it back. And everything is an episode of nightmare before Christmas.
    What's this? What's this?
    It's humid in the air.
    What's this?
    There's Privates everywhere?

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  • 277 weeks

    Welp. It's my birthday today.

    I'm 23 now.

    Fuck, I am OLD.

    Also got the shit smacked [repetitively] out of me by my company mates.

    So that happened.

    Also midnight shifts are now a thing and our new first seargant forbade sleeping before 1600 so yay...

    More exhaustion and back problems...

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  • 279 weeks
    Haven't said anything for a while..... Yyyup.

    Anyone else get weirdly pissed off by stories/chapters that are X999 words long?

    yes I'm writing, I'm sorry it's slow, it's hot as hell out where I am and I'm busy with work. One day off a week and that day being filled with training does that to a guy.

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