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Spike is depressed, and none of his old friends know what to do, let alone how to help him.

But maybe a new friend does.

[rated teen for talk about depression and suicide]

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Anon has been living in Equestria for a little while now. But something is wrong. Different..
He can see numbers everywhere.
What will he do with this new power?
..this new curse?

(gore tag for obvious reasons, but there's not too much of it)

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A young man falls out of his world, into one he knows nothing about, with no hopes of getting back home.

One by one, others begin to fall too, in and out of worlds they know nothing about. What are their purposes? Is there any reason for their presences?

When the multiverse is thrown into disarray, a young man named Wayland is sent into a distant world, known as Equestria. There, he must learn why it was that he came to be there, and what purpose his modern antiquated abilities as a blacksmith will have on the fate of his new home.

And should he fail, what fate will many worlds succumb to?

[/](edited 1Feb2016) [/]

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"So, do you have anything to say?"
He looked up and grinned. "Nothing that would change anything."
"Then for your sins, i hereby exile you from the land of Equestria"
And with that, he stepped through the mirror, leaving everything behind.

A strange young man enlists in The Canterlot School. Can he learn the values of friendship and how to love before its too late for him? Just what is his story, and why does it seem like he's not revealing anything to those who want to help?

Note: The beginning of this story starts before the events of the first equestria girls movie.
Thank you to everyone who helped proofread my chapters, your help is EXTREMELY appreciated!

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