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A long overdue explanation of the Percy Jackson crossover's cancellation. · 11:59pm May 11th, 2016

Man It's been years since this story crossed my mind. Where do I begin? Well I suppose I should probably explain the why.

The story got cancelled because I don't know what direction to take this story towards. I didn't want the start of the crossover to have Annabeth and Percy confused about talking horses. Well Annabeth would be the confused one while Percy thinks it's natural cause he already had the ability to communicate with horses, but then he'll realize Twilight's lips are moving and thus the slight freaking out begins, and then that's where the crossover becomes the same like any other crossover. Character meet and greet Mane 6, they try to adjust to new life in Ponyville, maybe the occasional monster battle to show off how badass the crossover characters from another world are. Yeah I didn't want to do that because it sounds so... meh. Anyway this explanation was long overdue for those still confused about its cancellation. I just didn't give it much thought until recently when talking with friends about my opinions of crossover. Sorry to disappoint any of you excited for its continuation. I'll do better next time. Maybe I can try reviving the story when there's a chance, but I'm afraid it won't be any time soon.

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That picture is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yay::eeyup:

3952101 Thanks I guess? I mean I just photoshopped two weapons onto it...

3952815 I meant the part with the main 6

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