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Metal Gear and Magic Tricks: Dream · 12:05pm May 9th, 2016

So, I had a weird dream last night. Here is what I can remember about it:

The earliest I remember was walking to school at some undisclosed time, with weird googly-eye 'hallucinations in the sky - literal googly eyes floating in the air. Two were placed vertically against each-other, and another was floating next to an lamppost, which was on. Suddenly I screamed (or maybe yelped), fell on my rump and felt startled and scared - from the googly eyes, as if my mind had finally fully comprehended them. Or maybe it was just the weird, young black kid that had appeared from behind the lamppost. It was hard to tell if he'd been walking towards me in my surreal, half-awake experience. He helped me up (or maybe I just got up on my own?) and this Fallout 3-esque stat screen popped up. Most of my forgotten skills were high, but I put skill points into firearms and bombs. This might've had something to do with the school, but it was probably just my dream fucking with me.

The next thing I remember was goofing off in the school's office - of which was connected to a massive computer lab. I hanged around with some of the staff members, eavesdropping on which students hadn't done their work and which had. One of them was playing Minecraft, ant the other memories are a bit too hazy their. One of the office members looked like one of my favorite high-school vice principals from a ways back. The other looked like one of my favorite secretaries of the time, too - Ms. Chau.

I (assumingly) walked to class, and sat down at the back, second-last desk to the left of the classroom. Ferra/Torr was sitting about a row or two ahead, and one to the right of my desk. Their was a separation in the row between the enings of the rows, presumably for walking. A teacher I can't remember the looks of talked to us for a bit - I think it was my guidance counselor from, go figure, a ways back - and left the classroom. Me n' the aforementioned Ferra/Torr started to bully a pony-tailed kid, reminiscent of Jimmy Hopkins from the game Bully, only with hair. Eventually, one of our fellow students notified me when I was chewing out ol' Jimmy that we were being listened-in on. I looked over, another teacher sitting at the front of the class, presumably to check on us. He looked like Emmerich from MGS5. He chewed us out for a moment, moved the kid to another desk, and I proceeded to have a talk with him about what he had missed, and who started it. He nodded his head, and asked the class if that were true. What was notable is images flashed in my mind of chemical compounds, and CO2 danger manuals (if that makes any sense). They were crusty and rusted, the toxic detrimental health effects and non-existent chemicals standing out. A girl from across my row looked at me, said 'yes' and wiped some black ash off of her face. I told Emmerich that I was true, saying that Ferra/Torr and the girl had agreed with me. Emmerich said the girl's name, quoting that 'even if i didn't want to say it'. He called for a break in class.

I remember walking out into the hall, and a _big_ trench-coated man walked up to me. It's only now I realize that he looked like one of my abusive Elementary School teachers, Mr. Ward. He said 'come with me', and I asked a question. He laughed, saying 'Indeed.' and we walked around a corner to a weird set-up in a t-bone junction of the hallways. Four assistants stood by, of which one I recognize as one of my old friends from elementary. The booth appeared to be a magic-trick showoff, with cards on the table and a pitcher of water with flowers in it. Mr. Ward told me to 'Pick up the magic trick' and threw an assortment of cards across the table at me. They slid, and landed perfectly in front of me. He said 'Surprise' as I picked them up.

It was at this point my alarm went off and I was jutted from my sleep, groaning. The last thing I remember is a weird phrase jutting into my head, most of it forgotten in my mind. It mentioned this mysterious trench-coat character's name was Edward Neron, and that he had suddenly stopped his career after 34 years in favor of something else, back in 19XX. I decided to write the dream down.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Dreams do that a lot. Still, there is no worse nightmare than having to go back to school... and writing a test to top it off.

Seems like a very standard dream if you ask me, perfectly normal.

The only thing that caught my attention was the "or maybes" in the first paragraph. You know you could redream the same thing twice during a single night and make the details of the dream differently, essentially dreaming both scenarios whether next to each other or while remembering two whole thing.

But your mind is responsible for producing the whole thing one way or the other regardless of how asleep you might be.


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