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Blarging (with spoilers) · 11:19pm May 2nd, 2016

Okay, since ponies seem to want to address the elephant in the room, I am going to spoil the poop out of the most recent MLP ep, so if you don't wish spoilers do not read further.

So lets go with Trixie since she is who everypony is fixated on. Now, the easy mark here would be to claim that because of Starlight's reveal that part of the reason for their friendship was to annoy twilight, drove her to the suicidal act of doing the stunt anyway. But this rabbit hole is a whole lot deeper.

Trixie was putting on a tour, that nopony had heard of. She was going to be going around performing her tricks, her last tour. She admitted she had no way of doing the stunt with the manticore. Then why bring it? Why transport and care for an animal on her tour that she ultimately couldn't use? She was even toting around a huge cannon!

She was planning to come to Ponyville, to bring the manticore and attempt the stunt, and fail.

Had they meant to include such undertones in this bright and happy kids show? I really, really doubt it. The writer for this episode has done two others that were both solid and it makes me wonder how this script got past editing.

But the really important thing, the amazing thing that just left me gob-smacked... Angel Bunny actually likes somepony! Well, it was more a case of a few somethings. The shout-outs to bronies with both Vinyl and Muffins getting prominent featuring wasn't terrible, it didn't steal from the plot. But Celestia was... half-arsed. For a benevolent ruler who loves her ponies, she sure was acting the bitch in this one.

So much writing, I think I will leave out a music choice today, everypony has plenty to think on.

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Comments ( 11 )

Holy shit. Mind blown. Trixie was trying to commit suicide... damn. Now it's pretty hard NOT to see it that way.

Well, she could have quickly acquired a cannon from Pinkie and a Manticore from Fluttershy.

Or maybe she was originally planning to guilt Twilight into helping her do the trick?

...but yeah, she was definitely committing suicide when she decided to do the trick without anyone to teleport her. Also, teleporting makes the trick kind of meh. I wonder how Hoofdini did it? Maybe he had an identical twin that actually got eaten? :derpytongue2:

A pretty mediocre episode. Twi was both her usual neurotic self while simultaneously being hypocritically OOC, and Celestia was being Ms. Grumpyface. Trixie's suicide attempt is hilarious fridge-horror... though if you notice, at the end of the performance the manticore joins the rest on stage in bowing to the audience. So it was... a fake suicide attempt? I dunno lol. :rainbowlaugh:

3914764 There is that. Was the manticore an illusion created by Trixie? She never actually said it was real, it was just assumed. We saw her little wagon and there certainly wasn't anywhere in that to house such a creature.

3914802 I'm guessing it was tame/friendly/cowed-by-threats-from-Fluttershy. :yay:

3914945 Right, but where was she keeping it? What was she feeding it? Felines are not known for an omnivorous diet :fluttercry:

For that matter, what does Rarity feed her cat?

3914972 Hmm, maybe there's a mythological beast placement agency near Ponyville? :rainbowlaugh:

Rarity obviously feeds Opal tofu... which explains why she's always so grouchy. :facehoof:


maybe there's a mythological beast placement agency near Ponyville

There is, it is called "Everfree Forest".

Rarity obviously feeds Opal tofu

Even so, without a lot of dietary supplements a cat would not do well on such a diet.

3915082 Well, we've seen Fluttershy horribly murdering :yay: fish in canon, so that's probably what Opal actually eats.

I liked Ferret's unique take on pony society in Feeding Problems, where carnivorous pets (and sometimes people) occasionally dined on deceased ponies. They had slightly unusual burial practices. Spike thought pony was alright, but preferred gems. :rainbowlaugh:

3915267 Oh glob, that is terrible. I absolutely will not point out that even with refrigeration (either mechanical or magical), the rate at which ponies die would not seem to be sufficient to maintain the pets in town.

Winona, leave Granny Smith alone, she isn't dead yet!

3915278 Hence occasionally. :twilightsmile: IIRC they basically attached little importance to the body after death, so some small part would be kept for memorial purposes (burial, etc.) and the rest just... got used for things. It was a neat bit of worldbuilding that played almost no role in the story. :rainbowlaugh:

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