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    It seems many people have enjoyed laughing at Luna's boner, and given the suggestions from the comments, I've decided to write one more chapter of Luna having a gay olde time. Only one though, I can't see this concept being funny forever.

    What shenanigans will a gay feeling Luna get up to? Will her actions give rise to more boners? We shall see.

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    'Ello all, Caboose here.

    Ominous title isn't it? Well don't worry, I have only good things to say.

    Pretty soon I will have finished university. No more 10,000 essays or 3 hour exams for me. When that is done you can expect The Undesirables to be back with a vengeance, if sporadically scheduled.

    That's not the future part though.

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Go see Captain America: Civil War (No Spoilers) · 8:17pm May 1st, 2016

Drop everything, go see this movie.

I know this is not even remotely pony related, but holy shit was this movie awesome.

Marvel's been feeling rather stale as of late, but this movie reminded me of what these movies can be. Civil War is the culmination of the entire MCU, and it makes Age of Ultron feel like a filler TV episode by comparison. It's elevated these movies above simply being a standard superhero blockbuster. Like The Dark Knight, it made the characters the forefront, not the spectacle.

You care about these characters, literally ever single one that was on screen, however minor they were.

I want more, I want Infinity War.

Actual Spoiler for the movie!
Zemo was probably Marvel's best villain since Kilgrave. He's so detestably human that you can't help but sympathise with him even though you want him to fail.

I know I'm fanboying, but I'm too invested at this point to not fanboy,

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