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Nova Arc

Broken by life, but more so by the lives of others. If anyone has the cure for a broken soul, let me know.

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Nova Digi Log: I, Gemini #1 · 7:50am Apr 14th, 2016

Hey-O, subscribers! Nova here with something new!

I got this idea from Ms Loopy Do, so go check out her Aquarius blogs! Now, you get to know Nova's personality through his Zodiac sign! For the record, Nova is a June-born Gemini babbu!:rainbowkiss:

Unfortunate, but true.

Oh, hell yes.

So true.

I would never admit it to most people though.


That's been happening a lot lately.:twilightsheepish:

Pretty much.

Too true.

Story of my freaking life!

Finally, ALL HAIL THE GEMINI ORDER!!! This is so ironic for me, though.:derpytongue2:

So, there you have it Any other Geminis out there? Any one who can relate to this stuff? Imma try to do these as much as possible, so keep an eye out!


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Comments ( 3 )

I'm a gemini! And I relate with...EVERYTHING ON THIS BLOG!!!:rainbowlaugh:

3869678 Welcome to Club Gemini!:rainbowlaugh:

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