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A nerd who thought it would be cool to, with the help of a few equally insane buddies adapt the entire Marvel Universe (with some DC Comics thrown in for kicks) with My Little Pony...wish me luck

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Marvel: Spider-Man film to be titled "Spider-Man: Homecoming"; Logo revealed · 5:59am Apr 13th, 2016


Well, that finally answers that question. Of course, we don't know if this means they'll be adapting the Spider-Man storyarc of the same name yet.


Comments ( 8 )

what's the storyarc? i don't read comics, so i really don't know

3867039 Unless I'm mistaken, it was the first arc where Peter wore the symbiote.

3868135 i think Raimi beat them to it, however bad it was

3868287 Heh. Plus, it doesn't seem to fit the design of the new logo. Too friendly for a symbiote story.

3869205 hopefully a villain not used before. they didn't touch Vulture or Shocker yet.

3869216 Vulture's supposed to be showing up. I still want Mysterio or Scorpion, meself.

3869300 oooooooo. i just realized. with Spidy back in the MArvel family *kinda*, they can use the Symbiote. that means Tony can make the Endo-Sym Armor. hello, secret weapon against Thanos.

3869320 As long as we don't get that storyline with it, I'm game.

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