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Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving

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Welcome to Forgotten and Scratch's silliness Season One · 11:19pm Mar 22nd, 2016

Yep, I'm totally doing this for our sake :rainbowlaugh:

Scratch: Okidoki xD
And Look at the Tender chapter on fim by time xD
I added something in the authors notes you'll love xDD

Forgotten: Woooooow XD hahahaha!

Scratch: No comment? xD
Pff ur boring xD

Forgotten: Nein, nein, I'm going to comment XP

Scratch: Braves Nachtpony xP

Forgotten: Das ist nachtpony.

Scratch: Du bist nachtpony mit fängen, flauschigen öhrchen und ledrigen flügeln
Or like Kathi wouzld say

Forgotten: Yes, yes, fluffy batpony XD

Scratch: Look again xD
I couldn't resist, I'm horrible xD
Kaaaaareeeeeen xD

Forgotten: XD Pffffft! You're so horrible!

Scratch: I know xDD
No reply? xD
awww xP

Forgotten: Sorry XD I'm working on my essay again

Scratch: pfff but this is FUN
Relax Karen, for Luna's sake^^
That's an order, private
I'm geetting Tavi from work now
once I'm back, FUN
And I mean it^^
See yam xD

Forgotten: Alright, I'll be here XD hahaha! Crazy mare.

Scratch 30 mins later: I'm baaaaaack
And pfff!
Admit it, we're both crazy! ❤ xD

Forgotten: Yeah, we're both pretty insane XD

Scratch: Now reply to faluschig xD
I demand silliness!

Forgotten: Replied! XD

Scratch: There ya go!
And it's unfair writing in prench xÜ
My translator got a funny translation for bat pony xD
bat poné

Forgotten: XD You messed up, mare!

Scratch: pff fuck you xD
I at least tried! xED
Du unglaublich flauschiges etwas du!

Forgotten: Ich werde dich kitzeln XD

Scratch: Pff komm her xD

Forgotten: Hättest du wohl gerne, ürdest du? ????

Scratch: Neeeeee, nicht an den Flügeln, nicht an der flanke xP

Forgotten: XD Fucksakes

Scratch: Well? xD
We continue this or u giving up? xP

Forgotten: Aber Deutsch ist so schwer!

Scratch: Pff, viel leichter als Französisch also streng dich an wuschelflanke!
Wenn wir das hier weitermachen landest du in meinem blog
unter Karen's Verrücktheit

Forgotten: Karen's Madness as a blog? XD Qu'est-ce que dans l'enfer?

Scratch: Du hast richtig gelesen xD

Forgotten: XD Pffft! Now wouldn't that be something?

Scratch: Indeed
Will do that right away
Vielen Dank ❤

Forgotten: Je t'aime aussi. ❤

Scratch:I know xP

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Arghghhhhh!!! The silliness factor is over 9,000!!!!!!!!!

I know, and we're not even drunk! :rainbowhuh:

...I'd say I need to be part of these hilarious conversations, but I'm a stupid uni-lingual American and have no idea what half of the conversation was.

A mix of not understandable Equestrian, Prench and Germaneic

3821444 I know what they were, I just don't understand them.

I doubt we know either :coolphoto:

3821461 Prench I can understand. Germane, not so much.

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