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Why is this happening? · 4:49am Mar 19th, 2016

I honestly can't control myself. I'm not even sure what I should do with what I have written. I'm not even worthy to call myself a writer having not produced a chapter in long while. What is wrong with me?

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Nothing is wrong with you.

3815410 Then why can't I do anything right? I haven't done half as much of my original account. What has happened to me?

3815411 You've slacked off, the best thing you can do is to start writing.

Sometimes you need to take a break; you work so hard you wear yourself down.

Take a break. Go somewhere fun and interesting. Maybe try a style or genre you haven't done before. Do something that isn't working on your main projects, let them sit for a while, and come back to them fresh.

Writers block slash lack of motivation?

It's a sort of stumbling block unfortunately. So many things (scenarios, tidbits of dialogue, potential confrontations, etc.) run through the mind all at once and sometimes it taxes out your creative reserves, even leaving you blank for a time (speaking from experience on that one).

Perhaps maybe take a step back and reflect on some previous works? Though I only have one fic here, I tend to reread what I've written and it helps. Somewhat. No guarantees though, everyone is different after all. Try redirecting your thoughts on something that's currently on your mind a lot. Be it MLP, games, TV series and the like, whatever is interesting you now is what you should try. If you like of course.

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