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Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony, writing, having fun with my best friends. I love all of those things.

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Which style do you prefere? FIMfiction, Fanfiction.Net, etc? · 11:23pm Mar 9th, 2016

Ever since I've gotten into the pony fandom I have also discovered various fanfiction sites (this one being my first). As all of you might know; Fanfiction.Net is the world’s biggest fanfiction archive. You have the usual follow ratio of your stories, the favorite ratio, and the review ratio. Here on FIMfiction you have the notifications which display your: Favorites, follows, reviews, etc. But I ask of you: Which style do you prefer? FIMfiction's, Fanfiction.Net, DeviantArt? Please let me know.

I prefer FIMfiction, by the way.

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Comments ( 12 )

If fiction, because it's more organized.

I personally got my start on FanFiction.net (and began expanding the ranks of the IDA there before migrating to here, DeviantArt, and soon Archive of Our Own), so I'm more accustomed to working there. I'll admit, I like FiMFiction's style, but things can get a little cluttered at times. DeviantArt is just confusing for me... Glad it's not my department.

3800221 Yeah... DeiantArt is very confusing, yes.

3800235 Doesn't mean I'm not gonna stop trying. If the King of Crossovers can figure it out, so can I. I WILL TAKE HIS CROWN, I SWEAR IT!!!




.... I'm way to into this, but I don't care.

3800302 Me too, but I gotta go. I have a early shift tomorrow and I do not want to be tired. Goodnight and may we continue on Thursday!

3800306 Auf wiederschein...
I may or may not just offended Germany with that.

Myself, I much prefer FIMFiction (although FF.net, DA, PonyFictionArchive; etc.; have their good points, too.

The main advantage that our humble pony words site here had over them all, in regards to our beloved pony words?

The mere fact that we can put illustrations and other art-stuff in our chapters, we can use colored text in them, ans so on and so forth.

And that's why i personally like FIMFic over all other sites for story-posting or reading.

Hooves down.

Fimfiction for pony fanfics, ArchiveOfOurOwn for everything else.

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