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Need some advice and opinions about a non-related pony story · 2:40am Aug 29th, 2016

So I've had this idea run through my head several times, and I think I am ready to give it a go.

I am thinking of writing a RWBY fanfic. However this fanfic will be different than some of the regular ones. Basic concept is two people from the real world, a nephew and his uncle, are sent to RWBY after closing the bar they work in. Its's a family owned bar/restaurant. So basically the story will focus around the two main characters: Dave (the nephew) and Freddy (the uncle). I was planning on having them appear in Vale, but not in a “Oh, let’s go to Beacon and become Huntsman” kind of way. No. However Dave is a fan of the series and knows every major plot-line and event. So I was thinking of having them appear in Vale and, under some weird circumstances, meet Ozpin, who was going through a stroll through Vale to get his mind off things. So here is when things get different. Ozpin loses his scroll, or wallet, or something that is of value to him. Dave sees this and decides to return it—I will add that this is only after a day or two after he and his uncle arrived in Vale, it will be a more realistic story.

So Ozpin thanks them but sees the nervousness on Dave’s face and asks him what is wrong. Dave, obviously wanting to make somewhat of an impression just tells him that he and Freddie had ended up in Vale and had no idea as to where to go. Ozpin then tells them to walk along with him, wanting to thank Dave for returning his scroll/wallet. They talk a bit, but that’s where Freddy butts in. You see Freddie is fifty eight years old in the story, but has the looks of a man in his mid-forties. Combines with the fact that he is gay and it makes for some pretty weird situations. You see Freddie could be considered a male cougar. And for those of you who do not know what a cougar is, here is a short text about that. “A cougar is: An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man.”

So, yeah, that’s kind of Freddy’s thing. However his nephew is not really gay, but he likes to play along with his uncle’s sassy remarks. In all honesty their relationship as uncle and nephew is a bit off. You see Freddy likes to compliment Dave over his looks, and these compliments are genuine. Like saying that Dave has a nice ass in those jeans. And mostly just grabbing Dave’s butt for the hell of it. Dave just accepts this, knowing his uncle is just like that, and usually plays along, telling his uncle the same, and sometimes even “gayer” things.

Dave is a more relaxed type of guy. Always analyzing the situation at hand before making decisions. Anyway getting back to Ozpin. After some talking Freddy butts in and tells Ozpin they used to work at a bar where they served drinks and all of that good stuff. And this is where Ozpin’s interest piques in. You see Ozpin isn’t really too happy that some of his students all go out and have late-night drinks in Vale. Sure they are young and should live like never before, but he also likes to have them in a safe environment. So he offers Dave and Freddy this choice. He will have the school prepare a bar so that students may enjoy themselves there, they can drink whatever they want, and they will still be in a safe environment should something happen.

Of course they both accept this and after a few days the bar is installed and Dave and Freddy have a place to sleep, eat, and work. Of course Ozpin still pays them a few Lien just for the sake of it. Now this is where the real story kicks in. Late night talks with some of the main characters and other will occur, with the occasional villain (Cinder, cough, cough) coming in as well. Now Dave knows all of these characters and, through some searching, will eventually pinpoint in what volume he and Freddy have ended up. ( I am planning on having them appear somewhere in between volume two). There will of course be some action packed scenes in the future, but this is the basic concept. There will be a lot of “gay” humor and sexual humor, mostly from the interactions between Freddy and Dave. And of course Freddy’s goal of banging almost all of Beacon’s male teachers. Dave will be… laid back, as I said. Freddy will try to get a date for his nephew, probably even going as far to start a freaking harem.

Now you might be wondering if Dave is interested in some for RWBY’s character. The answer is yes, but this will not occur in the beginning of the story, however. It will mostly focus around interactions between students and the two bartenders. This is what I have in mind so far. So does it sound any good? Also, Dave is nineteen in the story, just to clarify any confusion. So… what are your thoughts on this?

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Hmmm. I usually don't read stories that focused on relationships, but this one seems good. Just remember to post a link here once you write the first chapter! :>

It sounds like this has quite a bit of potential. I would be interested in seeing this.

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