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Zootopia · 1:53am Mar 5th, 2016

First, a quick summary for those of you who just want the yay or nay: Zootopia is an excellent, wonderful film with a lot of heart, a lot of adventure, and a wonderful moral at its core that wraps up everything in a fantastic way. Put it on your list.

Now, the longer explanation, at Unusual Things ...

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Comments ( 4 )

I just saw it as well. Absolutely fantastic film! :D

Agreed, it's a winner. And while there's plenty of complexity to chew on, the core message is one of hope triumphing over fear, which I think speaks to us in a lot of the same ways that MLP does, and feels kind of necessary with everything going on in the world around us today. I'll easily add my recommendation to the pile.

Yeah, the part that really, really hit the home run swing for me was right at the end, when Judy says that we're all a little bit broken in some way, all struggling, and our glasses are all half-empty ... but that as long as we recognize that and keep trying to do our part to try to make things better—rather than pointing our fingers—things can get better. We just have to keep trying.

Zootopia said it way better than I did, but I kind of want a print of that quote to put on my wall somewhere.

loved the movie. It flowed marvelously and it was a message movie while not being overt about it. The characters were fun and I loved the detail. Hope they make some sequels and not just about the two leads either. This world that they have introduced us to has so many stories to be told, and there is so much to be explored. Just thinking about the potential makes me squee.

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