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I enjoy reading MLP fanfics, and I'm writing a little as well, I'm not the best, but i try to make something that is easy to read, and short enough for a quick ride :)

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  • 141 weeks
    Major changes happening.

    i have begun writing again.. after all this time, i am soon gonna restart the story, i have had over a year now, and i have gotten a good idea of where i want the story to go from here, how to progress it the way i want to, and a ton of other things. i am also gonna look it over with a more critical eye and try fixing most spelling mistakes and grammar errors i have made(even though i suck at

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  • 203 weeks
    Back again

    I am soon gonna be back to writing again.. Have not had much time to write lately, but i am making progress slowly but surely.

    Not sure why, but it seems the more tired, and used i am, the faster i write.. If i can find the time to write that is.. But it also seems quality drops when i do that.. Or rather more people write comments about spelling mistakes, and grammar errors.

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  • 223 weeks
    getting annoyed online

    i'm really starting to hate how most of the internet is seeing bronies.. i mean i have a pony picture as my avatar, and boom the faggot comment pops up almost instantly, and trying to reason with them in anyway just returns another similar word. dear god does it piss me off that they wont listen to logic, and stop calling all bronies pedophiles, child molesters and autistic people just because we

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  • 243 weeks

    i am super hyped, next week i have a week's vacation, and i am gonna write on the human is evil as much as i possibly can :)

    so get hyped, and be ready for at least a single new chapter sometime next week :D

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  • 258 weeks
    The Human is Evil status

    I have set the story "The Human is Evil" on hold for now, life is hitting me a bit too hard for me to work on it that much at the moment.
    this does not mean i will stop working on it, i'm just saying that you should not expect any new chapters for a while until i can get my bearings straight..

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I must be doing something right. · 8:07pm Mar 4th, 2016

Because if i release a new chapter, my views skyrocket. At least this is skyrocket for me, I'm certain better writers get over 1000 views. Anyway, 350 views, I'm actually really surprised, I knew people read my story, but not that more than 300 people were reading it. It feels really good to know that i have so many people reading my shitty little story, which started as a way to relieve my writers block, and later turned into the most popular story i have ever made.

Thank you all who have read it, even if it was only a quick glance, or to show it to a friend, or just to see how terrible i am at writing.

And if anyone wonders, the "spikes" happen when i release a new chapter.

the final number was 386 views. so close to 400 :rainbowkiss:

Report Pesoen · 212 views · Story: The Human is Evil? · #views #thanks.
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