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I enjoy reading MLP fanfics, and I'm writing a little as well, I'm not the best, but i try to make something that is easy to read, and short enough for a quick ride :)

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You came to Equestria 1020 years ago, and have been in Celestia's control for 1017 of those years. you have now been free from her control for 2 years, plotting how to get away from her, but the one thing you forgot, was the Elements of harmony, being ready to be used against you.

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Johnny is an avarage 24 year old male he enjoys mlp, but is a closet brony. suddenly while working one day, he starts to fall backwards on his chair, as if the chairs back was missing. suddenly he falls of his chair into nothing, instead of the hard office floor, instead he keeps faling as the chair fades from view, until he sees a beautiful blue sky above him. he starts to get up, but something feels wrong on his left arm, he looks down, at a small screen and keyboard, the screen simply reads "LUA(): ".

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my first story!

John wakes up without his cieling above him, he was suprised to see what he saw, when he got up he saw he was in Equestria. He was a big fan of My Little Pony, and allways said if he could live in Equestria, he would. All his friends stopped seeing him much, so he didn't really have any real friends. This is his story of how his mysterious time in Equestria, made him realise what true friends are, and that anyone can become a hero, if they just do the right thing

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