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Fuck this fandom.

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    Most hated admin of TWG

    Apparently doing my "job" is wrong.

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    TWG's Discord Server!

    SFW Discord Server: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/50/the-writers-group/thread/313959/the-writers-group-discord-server

    Got a music bot working in it. Not that it takes a rocket scientist. Join if you like! I'll be in there (admin and such).

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    Bam. Updated Word Count!

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    Upside Down Smile

    He's back, and thanks to my some odd weird mood swing, I'm now happier than a normal person should be.

    And that bio isn't serious, I swear. I joke about my own death to make me not do it fyi.

    Love you, night folks. I'm going to go crash in bed.

    Oh, and join Norris's group, because we need some semi-decent shitposters who will give him some consensual McLovin'.

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    I have been meme'd directly.

    Thanks to TheTimeSword for making this.

    I am not insane I swear.

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New favorite anime + another new story idea! · 8:19am Mar 2nd, 2016

Holy hell. This is the first time I've ever recommended an anime.

But why was this never logged in the mainstream?

Warning: Very dark, some gore, and slight sexual themes.

But oh god it is fantastic. Saki has to be one of my favorite characters. Very dynamic both as a character in the story, and as a narrator. The link to the anime info page is embedded in the image (it is a link to gogoanime.io).

Also, some more news, been having new ideas come about, such as a realism war story involving tapes from civilians within a warzone on Earth and having the ponies listen to every single recording while attempting to live their own lives.

>I'm aware this has been made into a story, but not with how I'm stating it. Nor will it have references. Original characters made with dynamic personalities written alongside with my own stream of conscious writing style (similar to Decisions). So yeah, it's going to be called The War Outside Our Homes. That's all I can tell you.


Comments ( 8 )

So this is the idea I've heard much of.

Hey, remind me to watch this later.

Magical mystery thrillers are fun to watch.

I so don't have time to start up yet another show, but your story idea sounds intriguing. :duck:

I might give this show a try thanks for letting me know

Oh my god, I can't stop watching this. Where the fuck has this been all my life?! :rainbowkiss:

It has been hiding from you since 2012. :rainbowlaugh:

I binge watched it last night. GAHHH. :heart:

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