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Eh, I'll do this later.

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  • 208 weeks

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  • 208 weeks
    Bored Gods

    Another new story!


    To the few who follow me:
    ... why?
    But thanks, and I hope you enjoy this extremely short idea story. :twilightsheepish:

    To anyone else:
    How did you even get here? :rainbowhuh:
    Also, have you read my stories? It's not much. You could probably knock them all out in a single sitting, so go nuts!

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  • 221 weeks
    Farewell Parasprite.

    FimFiction is losing one of it's better authors. :ajsleepy:

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  • 235 weeks
    Cutie Mark Update

    Not a big deal, but I finally got around to making an image of Scribe's Cutie Mark (the OC I use for my avatar).

    I've also added it to the 5 variations of him which I swap between as my avatar on various platforms, including FimFiction.

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  • 276 weeks
    True Strength

    The Alchemist's Heart (sequel to When a Pony Calls) has now finished.
    I previously posted a blog in relation to this story, and now that it's done I felt like doing so again.

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#WTFU · 5:52am Feb 25th, 2016

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