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Timetable of Updates · 7:51am Feb 22nd, 2016

Hey there everyone, time for another blog post!

I recently uploaded a quick two-parter called "Locked Out Kindness," which is part of the same universe as "Cracks In Our Reflections." It takes place sometime during the first 3 chapters of the main story (which I currently about... 1/3 of the way done so far... more or less), and it involves Fluttershy and Sour Sweet. If you haven't already, I would recommend you do, especially as it, along with a few other planned one/two-shots, will be referenced at some point in a later chapter of "Cracks," although it isn't necessarily required. Basically, this section of this blog post is a shameless plug to go read that story. DragonShadow (one of my biggest influences) approves of it too, which is kind of awesome!

Anyway, the main reason I am writing this blog post is to go over the release timetable of future chapters and one/two-shots. As of right now (February 22, 2016, @2:17 AM), I'm going to be releasing things in the following rotation:

- 1 or 2 Chapters of "Cracks In Our Reflections"
- 1 One/Two-Shot Spin-Off

There are no guaranteed dates for anything as of right now, but I can safely assume that the weekends will likely see one thing from the rotation. That means you should get about 2 updates a week from me. I'm going to make an attempt to release 2 chapters of "Cracks" a week, though I make no promises.

So at the time of writing this, this is the following tentative release order of things for the next 5 updates:

1. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 3: You Talk A Good Game
2. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 4: Crawling Towards Forgiveness
3. Dream Routine - Part 1: Wide Eyed
4. Dream Routine - Part 2: Out Of Control
5. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 5: This Is Redemption, This Is Our Lives Washed Clean

Is it obvious that the chapter titles for "Cracks" have no bearing on anything in the story? They are song titles. Heck, all chapter titles for my work are song titles. "Cracks In Our Reflections" chapter titles are all songs by a single band, and I'll be going through their entire discography. You're free to guess which band they are.

Just for reference, the chapter titles for "Locked Out Kindness" are songs by the band City Lights. The scheduled titles for "Dream Routine" are songs by the band The Ghost Inside. (Please keep in mind these bands are definitely not for people who dislike punk and metal music. This is here mostly for the people in this fandom who only listen to things like EDM.)

Now, I'm going to get back to work on Chapter 3 of "Cracks."

Keep it real everyone.
Onyx Archer

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