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An Update · 7:35am Aug 29th, 2019

Hey all,

This post has been something I've been too busy to make for... like, a month, but I feel like I should state plans that were made going forward:

First off, Retrograde: RQK and I have both decided to go with what I said in my last update, and we're going to not post anything until we've gotten far enough ahead, so at the very least, the wait may feel more worthwhile. This could take a month, or it could take until the end of the year. I'm not totally sure. Truth be told, neither of us has been doing much writing for Pony stuff (last I checked anyway), though I did try to hammer out some small things when I felt inspired to write them.

If you've been keeping up with the blog posts: the situation with my grandfather got a lot worse a little over a month ago. The long and short of it is basically, he's losing his cancer fight, and only has, at most, maybe a little less than a year left at this point in time. Stuff's been hard on my family for a variety of reasons, obviously, and while I'm not really bothered by this as directly as one would think, I'm wearing myself out supporting my family as best I can during this extremely rough patch. As such, I've been having a harder time, both physically and mentally when it comes to having any energy to work on fanfiction. I've admittedly been spending time playing some RPGs (Fire Emblem Three Houses, Tales of Zestiria, and Tales of Berseria) to unwind when I can, and have been working on my future original writing stuff with what energy I do have.

So at the end of the day, there's the obvious, nagging question for those who care about my contributions to this site (in terms of fanfics, not blog posts): will anything get done? The answer I can give is basically "Yes, but there are a lot of factors that will slow it down."

I won't sit here and explain the specific factors, as I don't really need to. Just know that both myself and RQK are fully aware that we aren't getting anything done for a fic we want to finish, for both ourselves and our audience. Stuff just happens to be getting in the way of that, and I'm sorry that I can't really do more than say that.

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I'm hoping that everything goes the best it possibly can for you. When you and RQK can get back to the story is when you can.

Take your time guys. Even it takes months, your wellbeings are most important to deliver your best.

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