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Forget last blog. · 4:25pm Feb 17th, 2016

Sans- forced me on here. Again >*<

Anywho I don't care if it late who wants to be my late valentines

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Comments ( 16 )

So, I guess you must have a bone to pick with Sans- now? X3

3760530 I've got a skele-ton of jokes.

(Oh, and great to have you back. :rainbowkiss:)

You're whalecome

3760540 Your name is Sans, but your picture isn't Sans. That's pretty fishy.

Omg your back... Kind of... Couldn't comment last blog

3760545 What about her back?

3760548 she said she was leaving. And I am glad she came back

3760552 I hate to be that guy dude, but I don't. :trollestia:


3760556 I am that person sometimes

3760557 We're all that person sometimes. X3

Well, welcome back. Also, I ain't got a Val either, so...

Dammit I can't you no go hetero :raritydespair:

Welcome back Senpai!!

3760953 nice so we're now a valentines

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