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The End of Gravity Falls · 6:03am Feb 16th, 2016

Tonight, television saw the airing of the last episode of one of its greats. Gravity Falls, after two seasons (over four years, which made it feel like four seasons) has finally ended.

And did it ever go out on a high note.

Gravity Falls, if you've not watched it (and if not, you should rectify that) is one of those amazing shows that is made for more than just an audience. Some have said that rather than making a show for kids or a show for adults, the creator just made a show that would tell a good story that anyone could enjoy, and you know what? He succeeded. In a masterful way.

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Hm, the last episode I'd watched of it was the season 1 finale. I should probably catch up, huh?

It was truly a unique and captivating series. It did most things well and more than a few things superbly. It is sad to see it end, but the series certainly ended at the top of its game.

Also, watch Rick and Morty :P

I'm not fan of Rick and Morty, actually. I disagree with it on a philosophical level, finding its message of nihilism and its mockery of those who disagree with it incredibly distasteful.


To each his own :P It can be quite polarizing, but i find the show hilarious, and enjoy the hidden deeper meanings. ;)

OH, also, Rick is supposed to act nihilistic, but deep down is actually in great pain and cares about his family. as shown in the finale of season 2 :P

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