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Sick signed Moo...or parting is such sweet sorrow. · 3:59am Feb 10th, 2016

So yeah it's been a while since I did one of these. So much for keeping them up. Well winter break kept me busy, but I'm back. So before my update I want to go into something that happened on Monday: Daniel Bryan retired. In all honesty I'm still in shock and I'm not sure how long it will be until I'm over it. Daniel Bryan is my hero, and I loved watching him preform. He made wrestling a work of art, and it was beautiful to watch. In a world of giants he climbed the mountain top, and that climb to the top made me feel like I could do something like that too. I'm happy he is able to walk away on his own accord and not out on a stretcher or worse, but damn I'll miss seeing him in the ring. Even as I write this I'm still misty-eyed from the whole thing. Even if he doesn't see this I just want to say: Thank you for everything Daniel Bryan. As a fan I will forever be grateful for what you have done, and you will always be my hero.

No moving away from the depressing stuff and onto card games!

So yeah my Weiss game wasn't great after writing that first blog about it. I had a dry spell up until last week in which I went 2-1 with a single Haurhi Suzumiya trial deck which had only been out for a few days. Got a good RR Honkers for Love Live out of the packs I got so I was happy. Today however was back to being bad. I used my Love Live deck this week and in my first game I got super close to winning. I only needed 2 more damage to win, but it got canceled and I died next turn. My next match went far worse with being able to get none of my combos off and generally having bad draws and bad cancels. So I dropped at 0-2, but earlier in the night I bought four packs of Love Live set 2 and managed to pull a signed Nozomi which was super plus. I think pulling that signed Moo took all of my luck for the night.

Anyway peace out until next time fam!

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