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i'm fluctuating wildly, with respect to my devotion to fandoms, right now... I'm Back Baby · 12:54am Feb 6th, 2016

i've had a new idea batch baking for all the time since i last posted, but i feel new here, so i'll only post one to test exactly how many people care, and conserve ideas, as they can take a while to develop

Idea : the equestira girls mirror doesnt transform the body, just kinda makes a clone, and the original gets stuck in the space between dimensions, safe and secure against everything, but it works on more than one person, so if somebody accidentally wandered (or tripped) into the portal while twilight was on the human side, whoever tripped would occupy her pony form, and vice versa, the first person on the human side to go through (assuming twilights at home in equestria) would occupy sunset shimmers form

this idea is basically an excuse for body swapping to happen, plot-wise, so if an aspiring writer wanted to do one of many fanfics where they (usually inexplicably) end up inside somebody else (spiritually, the physical way would be rape, or just gross)

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