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more ideas, with a title that makes me sound like a meta-philosopher, with deep thoughts · 3:51am Jul 20th, 2015

I have been raised... weirdly to say the least, from what I can tell, i have a reversed idea of morality, or something, but my idea of a perfect me, AKA "what I want to be when I grow up" is not a hero, at least not the standard idea of one, not the HERO who saves the townspeople with naught but punching everything that gets in his way, not a single truly clever thought going through his head, but what I want to be is instead the villain, the one who spends years mastering his arts, making connections, making plans, constantly thinking of contingencies for every possible situation. I want to be the con artist, maybe the evil genius, ruling the underworld with a topaz fist, someone has henchman, minions, and patsies

there are two different (motif) variations on a mastermind, each with their own path to evil, and some variations:

con artist: someone who has the ability to make people believe whatever he says, someone who plans out their social encounters for maximum gain, a quote that I got from my mother would work here "the evilest, most selfish thing you can do is make a friend, because when people are willing to add even one percent happiness to your life each, it adds up quickly, and your life becomes so much easier" and this type of character certainly believes in making friends. he rarely stays around long enough to attract attention from any authorities, if this mastermind gets what he wants, then he will just be rich, but not rule the world
variations: mob boss; someone who has a territory involved with his power, but also has a bit more direct control over his minions
saboteur: essentially an evil spy, sneaks into a place, perhaps with lies, perhaps with some c4, and then completely disables it

evil genius: someone who has perhaps accumulated his wealth in perfectly legal ways, but has been spurned by society, for whatever reasons, he believes that the only way to get revenge is to rule the world (this is the motif i most wish to become, by the way) so he gets a remote desolate island somewhere and starts building himself a base, he is the standard spy villain, the one with row upon row of mindless minions, who trust the mastermind enough to just to what they're told. if this villain gets what he wants, then he rules the world, with all the glory and splendor, and political change that it entails
variations: mad scientist; generally the guy that the evil genius hires to make the doomsday device, if this happens, then the mad scientist is a "pet genius" (which is another thing I wouldn't mind being)

basically for ideas: chuck one of these characters in equestria,

the first two would be subtle and slow, the con artist would have trouble if he was human, as the entire point of a con artist is to blend into a crowd

the mob boss works perfectly arranged like this: unexplained event teleports (mob boss) to a random alley in canterlot, he gets taken in by a local druggie, (mob boss) realizes this opportunity, and he starts subverting the other mobs, eventually gaining control of canterlot, and making it peaceful, lulling the police (royal guards?) into a sense of false security, the guards think that somehow there is no more mafia, the end... although if this was a conversion bureau story, then it could progress into a full out overthrow of equestria.

the next two would be rather overt and quick, the evil genius would, through the same teleportation thing, end up in equestria, maybe make a minion out of the druggie who took him in, end up making a base in the everfree, or maybe near the macIntosh hills, and does the standard evil villain spiel, "I will rule the world with an iron fist, and you will all serve me, now begin the reign of blood",prompting the elements of harmony to be sent, but since they were sent by themselves, (something I noticed in the show), they could be captured and separated before they get anywhere near the mastermind, making the elements of harmony useless, they could be brainwashed, or just left to be gloated over till the villain wins, and he will, because evil always finds a way

the mad scientist would basically just show up, make a doomsday weapon, and threaten canterlot with it, end of thinking

fun fact: villain came from the Latin villanus meaning farmhand, and like vulgar, eventually became an insult among the upper classes, basically meaning "you're worse than the people who cook my food", meaning that a super-villain should be another word for mega-farms

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