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more ideas, collected by the micro-universe i call my mind · 12:00pm Jun 21st, 2015

same damn format... just read and be amazed...

the gardener: This young man named Rochester was working in a field one day, weed-whacking the heck out of some grass, he found himself lost in the feeling of the tool, the buzzing, the feeling of power he had, being able to absolutely shred the grass. he completely forgot about everything except finding more plants to decimate, when he finally noticed his surroundings, he was in the middle of a forest, completely alone, and he wasn't entirely sure how long he'd been walking, or even in which direction, so he decided to just make a garden where he was, eventually he found out that he was able to summon farm tools, but only ones that he has used, luckily he was in a bobcat one or twice, that made it much easier to level the garden area, over time, some pegasus patrols find a strange clearing, and they attribute it to the chaos magic that rules the place, Rochester is thoroughly confused by the talking horses,

and this is the point where my brain runs out on this idea

the emotimancer: ... HiE, but H is a sociopath, completely in control of his emotions, but he occasionally has to vent them, and the base emotions are, in order of high to low destructiveness; happiness,shame, rage, sadness, fear, and envy, and he can combine these into any emotion possible, and when he vents an emotion, he enters a trance, which he doesn't remember afterwards, and can only feel that emotion, sometimes it gives him extra powers, but not always

the room: Twilight finds herself trapped in a small room, with a toilet, she slowly goes insane...
random idea...

pyrophilia: HiE, but H is a complete and total pyromaniac, to the point where he knows how to start fires on nearly any surface, with whatever's around him, his obsession with fire goes far beyond what most people would consider healthy, he knows fire and he knows it inside and out, nothing else is interesting except if it's burning, or is easily flammable

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The room actually sounds like an awesome idea. I mean, it's a idea that's been done many times before, but it's one with a interesting premise.
I think it's a base for something slightly better, but I must say, I like it.
P.S I think claustrophobia would be a better name for it.

mind you, all these ideas were bouncing around in my head, and just now have i gotten around to actually cataloging them
for example, the gardener idea was entirely formed because of my new job over the summer, which is gardening for the first half of the day, and working in a machine shop for the second half, and since both of these jobs involve boring manual labor (at least for the parts of it that i'm doing) i have a lot of time to think, and most of the time, my head goes immediately to idea processing, which sometimes deals with common motifs and cliches, and other times deals with the metaphysical meaning behind what life is...

and sometimes i just end up wondering why chickens don't have teeth, like raptors did, whatever keeps life interesting

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