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incoherent rambling on colored appendagated horses, with or without modified teeth · 7:34am May 31st, 2015

several things have been bothering me about equine anatomy, (dat plot in particular) and terminology.

-in traditional celtic lore, a group of unicorns is called a blessing

-the name alicorn refers, rather specifically, to the material a unicorns horn is made of, thus making the fact that the princesses are called alicorns ripe for headcanon (think along the lines of blood magic, and dark rituals) http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/new.png

-blah blah blah pegasus wings too small for actual flight blah blah blah, bones either too heavy or too brittle, blah blah blah.

-the plural of pegasus is P├ęgasoi, etymologically speaking.

-the only known example of a unicorn (the narwhal) doesnt technically have a horn, its a modified tooth

-in old english myth, the alicorn material was famous for its ability to purify water and counteract poison, which decimated the natural unicorn populations in the area.

-pegasi (or at least the original pegasus) was known to have magical control over thunder and lightning, making a pegasus roughly equivalent to thor.

-related to norse mythology and http://i.ytimg.com/vi/lw7eDGe4yP0/maxresdefault.jpg, loki actually had several children and one of them was relevant to this conversation, it's name was sleipnir, and it was an eight legged horse, which also coincides with her "catchphrase" (okey dokey loki) as she is swearing upon her father, lord of trickery and mischief and chaos, which would explain her complete disregard for the laws of physics sometimes

these were interesting thought that i decided to half-research (google search then copy-paste) and have presented to you


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Very interesting. I'm writing a fanfiction and I was digging through some old Unicorn mythology but like you said, there is nothing on Alicorns.

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