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...As Long As I Have My Alone Time. · 10:55pm Feb 3rd, 2016

So I'm sure by now, a lot of you have seen the latest animation from AnimatedJames, entitled "Creative Types".

If you haven't, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

So you might wonder why I am writing a blog about it. Well, in the spirit of the animation, and the song which accompanies it, I decided to put in my two cents.

Naturally, as far as the archetypes of the video are concerned, I am quite obviously the writer. Now, of course, I get views, likes, and comments, within minutes of publishing anything on here, I always have. That being said, I have the nearly the same reaction anytime some comments positively on my work. For those are the moments when it is all worth it. All the time spent and brain power used. Whenever a person says that they liked what I wrote, or even liked just a particular part, it makes me smile. One of the few things that do. The only thing that would increase both my smile and make me pretty much the gender-bent version of the writer (glasses and all) would be if I had a significant other who would go out of their way to praise me, whether I really deserved it or not. Of course, I understand that that is the highest level of wishful thinking.

I also want to talk about the song. Most creative people enjoy time alone. Not to get psychological, but this really goes with a person's overall being. Creative people (and other right-brained people) usually prefer solitude over being around lots of people. To put this in pony characterization terms, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity are right-brained; Rainbow, Pinkie, and AJ are left-brained.

In human society, however, the preference of being alone is usually questioned and said to be negative. I assume some of you have been told to "go out and make some friends" or asked "why are you inside on such a nice day?" It is quite sad, as the world actually needs the creative among us to thrive and be nurtured as much as possible. For creative people, they usually do their best work within the confines of themselves. For me, I often have something creative going on in my head, and when I'm lucky that turns into a physical manifestation (i.e. writing something).

For creative minds, our brain is the most important organ. And sometimes, when those people ask us why we spend so much time alone, or seemingly within our own little worlds, they simply must understand that "we'll be fine, as long as we have our alone time."

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you speak the truth.

3731957 Thanks. Awesome avatar, BTW.

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