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I'm nothing special, but I am trying.

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The OnionPie Challenge (+Update) · 9:45pm Jan 29th, 2016

I have a new challenge for myself (and for you if you want). Whenever I get a new follower, I'll immediately, or as soon as possible, do a writing session where I write a number of words equal to my follower count. This sense of obligation to you guys should help me motivate me to write more. It'll scale nicely as my number of readers (hopefully) grows; the more readers I have, the more people I'm responsible for entertaining, the more I write. This is not going to replace my other daily writing, of course; it's more of an occasional addition.

Writing this month of January has been going really well. It'll be a bit over 20,000 words at the end of the month--not a huge amount, but it'll add up with the other months where I hope to write even more. My new year's resolution has definitely upped my productivity, and I intend to keep at it, even if I stumble once in a while.

The majority of my writing effort has been going into the MLP novella I've mentioned before. I've revised my way through to the end of the fourth chapter (out of roughly eight). It's still a while away from being finished, but I'm making good progress. Don't hold your breath just yet. More info on it will come as it nears completion.

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Sounds excellent! Moar OnionPone!

Just when you start to think there's no moar OnionPone, there's moar. Always moar.

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