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Anime Boston · 5:01am Jan 28th, 2016

To those it may concern, I will be attending Anime Boston in March. If anyone wants to say hi, let me know when and where to meet up.

Report Humanity · 258 views · Story: The Lost Element · #convention #boston
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Comments ( 9 )

I would love to meet one of my favorite authors but I live in AZ so that would be a little out of the way for me. Add in the fact that I'm a full time worker with a shifting schedule and a full time student makes it a little hard for me to do anything anymore

Have fun there bro. Love your lost element story to death. Stories original and is well written with some grammer quips here and there but with the shear amount of writing i can't really ding u. Keep on writting brother you earned a follow and big fan!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

There were only three problems I had with The Lost Element. One it was over too quickly. Two every tragedy that happened in it happened in a similar manner to me. Lastly, every bit of foreshadowing you put in there I was able to get straight away, but you are my favorite writer. You have inspired me to start writing and put my all into it. Thank you for your stories. If only I could meet you, but I can't sadly, because of where I live.

3725879 the Lost Element is nowhere close to being over. I don't know what gave you the idea it was finished.

IT was the fact that you started "The Return of Humanity", but I'm glad I was corrected on that.

3726765 That was to address problems with the show and prevent them from being implemented in the sequel.

Initial reaction: :pinkiehappy:
0.3 seconds and a realisation that I live in Europe later: :fluttercry:
I'd love to see you, but the European life sadly doesn't really allow me to go to any cons. I'll wish you a hella lot of fun though!

I live outside of Downtown Boston and would like to meet if possible. If you haven't been before, I can help show you around.
I am also going to Anime Central in May.
If you want to meet at your hotel lobby or in the Sheraton during Pre-Reg or day of, that is also fine.

3728873 I'll be attending with friends. We'll see what happens.

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