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The Corn

Hi, I'm the Corn.

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    Life. Stress. People. Houses. College. Grades. AGH!

    Sorry! Kinda left the brony fandom... Please don't kill me though, I still like the show and everything but I don't think I've seen any further episodes than season 7 (or was it 8???) and don't have a clue where anything's at anymore?????

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    Thanks, Corn

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    I want an orange for Christmas

    That's it. That's the blog.

    Enjoy your day.



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New stuff. · 4:25pm Jan 2nd, 2016

Hi everyone! It's a new year, and along with the new year, I'm bringing lots of new stuff to my user page. Firstly, I'm working on a new story, 'My Top Secret Diary', which is a choose your own adventure comment story. It's about a filly, growing up in a rich family, but the rest is decided by you, all you need to do Is comment. However, for those of you reading my two other stories, 'The Other Alicorn' and 'The Shipping Game', don't worry, I'm still working on them.

Another thing that's new is my new group, 'The Derpy appreciation society'. This is a group, made especially for the lovers of Derpy.

Oh, and as for the shoutouts and Q&A's. No shoutouts were requested, so here are some pony shoutouts:

Bon Bon
DJ Pon 3

And as for the Q&A's, well, I got one from HoneyPoem: 'Do you like Pinkie?' Well HoneyPoem, OH YEAH! HoneyPoem is now known as Magical Shield, check out her blog. https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/593533/new-name

Anyway, I'll tag that new story and some of my other blog posts. But for now, see ya!

The Corn.

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