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This Year in Review and the usual update stuff. · 5:04am Jan 2nd, 2016

2015 has been a fine year all-around. I worked more hours, made more money, and produced three new stories. Sadly, I had to cancel one from the previous year. But in its place we got a much better one in the form of A Gentleman's Price. Fertile Ground followed that one up and very nearly hit it big. I'm convinced that all it needed was a few more comments and it would have featured. Alas for what could have been! :raritydespair:

Movie Night is turning out to be the strangest point in my time on Fimfiction. Despite having a truly awful 40/3 start, followers are coming from everywhere! I'm in the midst of the largest run on my stories page ever. Seriously, I gained 22 followers within a couple days after the Movie Night release. That's more than what The Scent of Prey got! Speaking of TSoP, it's suddenly relevant again gaining 13 likes in two weeks (sadly it came with a dislike but thems the breaks), and A Gentleman's Price crossed the magical 200 likes threshold with a gain of 8 new likes. Fertile Ground, a personal favorite of mine, also reached the 150 likes milestone. Sadly, it hasn't benefited much from the surge since it isn't G4M canon. Ah well. Tentacles and Futa for everyone! :raritywink:

If you are one of the people who enjoyed Fertile Ground, good news! It's received tiny edits since being launched and is getting another one tonight while I'm off work for a change to bring it line with my current skill level. It's even better and crazier than ever! :pinkiecrazy: Give it another read!

Since I'm at home for a couple days, I'm writing chapter two for Movie Night. I'll also be working on a new Roseluck story. Yes another one. No, no, this will actually be different! Roseluck is going to be rule 63'd this time. Roseluck is going to be a stallion this time...


Things are about to get really gay. Hey, It had to happen eventually! Everyone who works with porn will eventually have to work with M/M. It's just common decency! :eeyup:

Expected wave of downvotes for that story aside, I think it will do well overall. Roseluck isn't going the whole played-out, uninteresting route of being all homophobic and crap. As an aside, seriously gay fiction writers, stop that shit! Old hat is old. Anyway, he'll be very much in character with the Roseluck of my other works. Not being gay myself, I'm still really looking forward to writing this! Given the swapped gender-roles of the Gentlemanverse, she's already a man of sorts as presented. Having her go all the way will be a fun way for me to learn more about the character of Roseluck I've envisioned.

Look forward to a whole lot more stories in 2016 from me. I'm just getting started!

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