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To Really Screw Thngs Up.... · 12:58am Dec 23rd, 2015

...You need a lawyer.

Don't misunderstand. I have no issue with lawyers in general. Back when I was in uniform and spending my days in traffic court, I actually got along better with most of the defense bar than I did with the assistant County Attorneys. They serve an absolutely vital role, and I'm glad they're around.

Funny thing I've noticed about myself, though. When I start to grow exasperated with them, I start reciting lawyer jokes. And, after two days spent reviewing, copying, scanning, and burning CDs of a forty-page case file, three dozen photos, and drafting an animated slideshow of charts and slideshows, in order to answer a very shotgunny court order for supplemental discovery, I've been dredging them up.

The Bar Association scheduled a convention in a resort near Cape Hatteras, on North Carolina's Outer Banks. When asked if he wasn't concerned about the recent reports of shark attacks, the organizer replied, "No, we won't have any trouble with sharks. Professional courtesy, don't you know..."

Terrorists hijacked a plane full of lawyers. They threatened that one lawyer would be released unharmed until their demands were met...

Usually, the difference between a lawyer and a liar is nothing more than the slip of a forked tongue...

Merry Christmas, indeed...:facehoof:

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