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Random question that will help me in the future. · 7:57pm Dec 22nd, 2015

You know the Mane 6 are all friends. When you have that large of a group of friends though, certain dynamics are always apparent. For example:

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are close because they're both pegasi from Cloudsdale, but Fluttershy's actual best friend is Rarity. When you really look at how she relates to Pinkie Pie though, it seems like Pinkie Pie actually annoys her a bit.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack are really good friends as they're both competitive, yet its Pinkie Pie that's actually her BEST friend as far as we know, since they seem to have the most fun hanging out together.

Applejack shares Rainbow Dash's friendly rivalry, but her relationship with Rarity seems complicated. Lately though, they seem to have the air of best friends who just have opposite views of life, yet value each other's. (Favorite Mane 6 shipping is Applejack and Rarity, BTW) She and Pinkie Pie have recently begun bonding quite a bit since learning that they're cousins(?), and in recent episodes we see that Applejack has grown to appreciate Pinkie Pie's more random bits.

Rarity cares for everyone as somewhat of a big sister, but her relationship seems to be the closest with Fluttershy, who is visibly her best friend as seen in MULTIPLE episodes. Also, what I said about her and Applejack. She's clearly not very close to Rainbow Dash as they're very VERY different, and by that right seems more critical of Pinkie Pie at times.

Pinkie Pie clearly loves EVERYONE, and tries to stay close to all of them. She's clearly oblivious to Fluttershy and Rarity's more critical view of her (either that or she just doesn't care) and very openly clings to Applejack and Rainbow Dash, both of which she treats like family. It's sort of impossible to NOT love Pinkie Pie at least a little, which is why I feel like everyone at least puts up with her.

All of that considered, I was suddenly curious about something, and it will help me in the future in terms of a story.

Who is Twilight's best friend out of the Mane 6?

I know some people might think "She doesn't have a best friend, as she's the Princess of Friendship" or something like "She wouldn't play favorites". But that's virtually impossible. Even Pinkie Pie has friends she prefers to hang out with, and she's the one who WOULDN'T play favorites.

So I'd love to hear your opinions. Who do you guys think is Twilight's actual best friend out of the Mane 6? And I'm not talking "best friend" like with Lyra and Bon Bon (we know what Hasbro was trying to say without saying it). I mean ACTUAL best friend.

Comments ( 7 )

I've always seen Applejack as the member of the Mane 6 that Twilight would consider her best friend, probably then followed by Fluttershy.

Rainbow honestly due to how their dynamic of hot and cold play off so easily.

One of the major features of Twilight is that she is the catalyst of the group. Without her, the group probably wouldn't be together in the first place. Whenever the plot wants the mane 6 to do something, she is the first to get the gang together to do it. She is the lynchpin of the group. In that regard, it is very hard to find whom would be Twilight's best friend.

3636783 That's sort of what my sister thought.

In that regard, who do you think Twilight had the biggest impact on?

what about Spike's friendship with the 6 mane.

In order to do that, we should look at each of the character's development over the course of the series. See the differences between before Twilight entered their lives and after. Note that these are very big generalizations of their characters and their transitions, so some details about their personality will be missed (probably)

Rainbow Dash: When we first see her, she is brash, arrogant, and ultimately very prideful of her accomplishments. Over the course of the series, however, she has learned to be more toned down of her accomplishments, and also acknowledge other ponies' accomplishments as well. She transforms from an active to a slightly active character.

Fluttershy: Again, when we first see her, she is very shy and withdrawn from ponies. However, she has learned not only to be social to others, but also is taught to celebrate her own accomplishments, while also learning that, sometimes, a blunt remark works wonders over feeling sorry about others. She transforms from a passive character to a slightly active character.

Rarity: When first seen, she obsessives over fashion and thinks that she knows everything she needs to know about it. However, again, as the series goes on, we see her focus on other ponies' styles. We also see her sacrifice her own wants and desires for other's sakes as well. She transforms from a slightly passive character to a slightly active character.

Applejack: When first seen, she is seen as the down-to-earth farmer with a lot of pride in what she accomplishes and her family, while being neighborly and honest, she also was stubborn and wanted to do things her own way. However, as the series goes on, we see her become softer, and a little less set in her ways. She becomes more acceptable of other ponies' ideas. She transforms from a slightly active character to a slightly passive character.

Pinkanemia Diane Pie: When first seen, she is a very energetic mare, who just wants other ponies to smile and laugh, in any way possible. However, as the series goes on, she learns on other ways to make ponies happy with themselves, as well as be toned down on her craziness for a bit. She transforms from an active character to a slightly passive character.

As for whom Twilight has had the most impact on, it really depends on what each person values as the most significant change. If you see Fluttershy's transition from a shy mare to a helpful one being the most significant change, then that works. But if you see Applejack's transition to be the most important, then it works as well. The reason why the show captures the attention of people older than the show's target audience is because of the fact that not only these transitions exist, but that almost everybody can connect with at least one of these mares at this time. At least, from the show's standpoint.

However, if you are looking for my personal opinion on which mare Twilight has had the most impact on, it would be Starlight Glimmer, who is "technically" not part of the main 6 yet, but it worth discussing in a later post if people are interested.

Twilight seems to only have a best friend with Spike, and that's more a family relationship, best friend wise, i don't think she has one particular over the other. Though if by what I've seen she seems to favor rainbow and Applejack out of the others, she is in her own way competitive, and finds excite meant in a challenge that aside form Rarity, but that's not what a best friend is.

Twilight clicks more with Applejack ,Rainbow Dash ,and Pinkiepie more so with the latter two, and less wit hthe former.

(Here goes my thinking and explanation.)

Here Twilight seems to find Rainbow's attitude endearing if a little annoying, but seems to like messing with her and vise versa as long as it doesn't get to physical.

With Fluttershy she seems to like her, and finds her a enjoyable and relaxing presence, but what Fluttershy loves (animals and insects of all kinds and verity) of which none of those get along with Twilight except Owls.

Rarity, they connect on the level of magic and Spike, however they seem to be the most loose of the their respective friends, I think these two would clash if they both were to actually do something, they don't do much together or ever really speak with each other alone, always there is someone with these two. They don't fight but they don't connect ether they don't share much other than magic.

Pinkie well this is easy, they like each other it seems like they both fine each other interesting, and these two are defiantly the strangest double, they click in the show but not as best friends, they seems to like each other but not above friend level, they want to actually help, but nether wants to actually be a bother.

She differently likes them but she still seems to be the type of person who prefers to lone wolf it.
Out of them all I find shes more best friends with Pinkie pie, Rainbow and Applejack, and these are only because their interests seem to align the most, Rainbow differently after the Daring Doo Books and they probably seem to connect a lot better after that.

So if Rainbow Dash grew up a little bit in the show (or as she is in your Elements story) that these two defiantly would be close friends as Rainbow seems the type to adapt and be there for her friends. (Hince Loyalty)

Applejack and Twilight would be close friends but they seem to find the similarities in each other uncomfortable, after all if your to much alike its a little creepy. but Twilight would probably be bother with Applejack going to herself or family before her friends, which Twilight seems to opposite two as well, preferring to go to her friends and keep both lives separate, and she does her damnedest to do just that (Cant blame after what happened at the wedding, seemed like they dumped her for her family and probably doesn't like the feeling whether or not its only in her subconscious or not.) Their is one final difference with them that divides them, Twilight is selfish in comparison to Applejack, Twilight would keep trying to find a way to save everyone (including herself) before giving up, Applejack wouldn't even think about and jump to give herself in order to save others. Am not saying ether are bad for it, in fact both are great but to each other they would find it stupid. Twilight would in the end give herself up if it meant others make it yes, but she'd look for every out she could before that. and Applejack wouldn't think it out or take as much time as twilight, she would jump sooner. (shes just honest with how she sees things, so never thinks to question nearly as much as she needs to, that is a deal breaker between them, and given their personalities, they would be bothered with it far bother with each other in this case, than rainbow. After all they see each other as sensible.)

Pinkie Pie and Twilight... funny actually that these two would get along at all...but opposites attract as long as they have one particular motive connecting them, Interest it seems that Pinkie pie and Twilight find each other fascinating to a degree, Pinkie wants to see what Twilight does and how she will act or react far more than she does with the others, and Twilight wants to see and learn how pinkie does her things, even after the episode devoted to how she cant find out, but her curiosity still keeps her there and watching, she doesn't question it nearly as much. But they seem to like each other company, Pinkie always seems brighter with Rainbow Dash or Twilight than the others and she seems to enjoy that more, where the others she is more mellow and while attached to Applejack she isn't nearly as random with her. (or rarity or Fluttershy) But with Twilight and Rainbow she is normally full power popping up and such, and that's before she seems to like giving them the full view of who she is, and both seems to like it find it funny or rather a break from the seriousness they both like ot put out. (Applejack doesn't like to break from it much to her its who she is.)

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