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My name is Justin. I'm a writer/photographer who lives in Kentucky. I've watched MLP for years. It has always brought me joy. I hope that I can write stories within the universe that bring others joy!

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Hello FIM Fiction! Here's My Intro · 8:33am Dec 19th, 2015

Hello everypony at FIM Fiction! My name is Justin, but you can call me Shuttertwitch!

I've been a long time member, but have just decided to try my hand at writing fan fiction and putting it on this site. So I uploaded the first chapter of my first story The Adventures of Shuttertwitch and Sunny!

They say write what you know, and in real life I am a photographer, so I decided to create a pony version of myself who is also a photographer, that's where Shuttertwitch came from.

Like me, Shuttertwitch is anxious, nervous and a bit awkward. He yearns to go out and capture the world with his camera, but at the same time he is afraid. He is awkward in crowds and has weird phobias and suffers from panic attacks. These hurdles can make it quite hard to work as a photographer, making the most mundane tasks into a huge undertaking, but Shutter faces it head on! You'd think that these problems would make Shuttertwitch a pessimist but he's not at all, in fact he always sees the bright side of life, even when things are there darkest. That's what makes him who he is and keeps a smile on his face.

I like writing OC's, so I also created a best friend for Shuttertwitch. Her name Sunny Tendersmile!

Sunny is the flip side of Shutter's coin. Where Shutter is anxious, nervous and awkward, Sunny is outgoing, adventurous and calm under pressure. Sunny is a handful if you've ever met one! She is basically the perfect friend for Shuttertwitch! She is wild and outgoing and fearless! She see's the beauty in the world, just as Shuttertwitch does, but she's not afraid to go out and explore it, often dragging Shutter behind her! As a result, these two wind up going on some amazing adventures together! Where as Shutter likes to capture every moment of beauty with his camera, Sunny is just happy to be in the moment and share it with her friend!

Speaking of cameras, there is one more OC who appears in "The Adventures of Shuttertwitch and Sunny" that I should mention and that is Shuttertwitch's camera Spectre. You see Shutter doesn't use an ordinary camera. His camera is an artifact which is possessed by the spirit of an ancient noble pony. His true name is still a mystery, but everyone just calls him Spectre. Spectre isn't just a camera, he's a guiding light for Shutter and a source of sage advice -- he's also a bit crotchety and fussy because he's old and trapped in a camera.

These three characters make up the triangle of entertainment that will be front and center in my stories. I hope you find them interesting and I look forward to writing many adventures with these characters so that you can explore their personalities and also the nooks and crannies of Equestria.

That's all I have for you today, dear readers. It's been a long day and I think I'm going to rest now. I hope you are as excited about the adventures we are going to have as I am! Goodnight.


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All of these characters sound quite interesting! :raritywink:


Happy to hear that! Thanks! Of course there will be more characters who show up down the road, but these are the main characters I am sharing with the public for now. I hope to build upon them and shape them for my readers so that they seem as real as you and I. :)

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