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  • 352 weeks
    Bronycon was great!

    Last year's was, that is. I didn't go this year. Next year I probably will though.

    This post brought to you by me noticing I hadn't made a blog post since Extended Bronycon Vacation. I did not go on a year long vacation, as disappointing as that is to report.

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  • 410 weeks
    Extended Bronycon Vacation

    Just in case anyone is wondering enough about where my comments are to come looking, I'm on vacation visiting family in the NYC area before Bronycon next weekend. It's kind of unfriendly to sit and read and comment on stuff instead of interacting with the people you flew across the country to visit, so I'll have a limited site presence at best for the next week or so.

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  • 420 weeks
    Another Half Marathon Down

    This time it was the OKC Memorial Marathon. Last year I did the full and the year before that the 5k, so it only made sense to do the half this year to complete the set, especially since I hadn't even remotely trained up enough this spring to be ready for the full.

    As in previous races, I text-to-speeched some pony fic chapters, this time the following:

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    Zootopia was amazing. Go see it, you won't be disappointed.

    Judy X Nick, OTP.

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  • 437 weeks
    Some More Art

    This is a bit of a follow up to Another December Sunday Morning in Dallas. I was highly amused by the official race shirt, and when I managed to snag a commission slot from Sophie I knew what it had to be.

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Another December Sunday Morning in Dallas... · 3:05am Dec 14th, 2015

...another half-marathon complete. Overall the run went okay as I ended with a similar result time and mile pacing as before, though its a little personally disappointing as my initial plan for this race was to train up for a better finish time. I had too busy of a fall for it, though, and I didn't have time to keep up with the training. Plus, the training regimen I was using was truly too aggressive for me. I'll try again on that plan with something slightly more realistic for my next expected race which should be the OKC half in April.

One additional thing to note, today's race was very pegasus themed which I expect may be amusing to anyone reading this.

As with my last two races, I used a text-to-speech app to listen to a few fanfic chapters.

• Most recent chapter of dC/dt ≠ 0.
• Most recent chapter of The Queen is Dead.
• The two most recent chapters of Rites of Ascension. I usually prefer to write comments on one chapter before reading the next, but the second most recent ended with a potentially continent shattering cliffhanger, so I had to see what happened next. Looking back, having read a chapter of this fic particularly amuses as I listened to another chapter of it during my full marathon back in April.
• The beginning of the most recent chapter of The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover. It's surprisingly good, as long as you can get past the colored dialogue. In particular it strikes an impressive balance between power levels, which is kind of impressive when you consider what is being crossed over. I started on this one with just a couple miles to go and finished before it did, so I listened to the rest of the chapter on the first portion of my drive home.

Comments incoming on these when I get a chance.

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Huh, how dose my work sound as an audiobook?

3620421 It works out pretty well. The text-to-speech app voice over is a little funny, and it doesn't know how to inflect for sentence types (no rising tone at the end for a question, no emphasis for exclamations or italics, etc.), but on the whole it gets the point across. It does make commenting as I do a little weird, but I usually make some mental notes as I go along for later use.

I've actually listened to a lot of your stuff like this, just on solo runs so it usually isn't worth mentioning. You may not remember, but I listened to the first chapter of Sea of Time in this fashion on my full marathon back in April.

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