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Not much of a brony, but still I do like the show time to time. I like it enough to be one but not obsessed, but still. I'm a Fallout series fan, as well as a Halo freak, Bioshock enthusiast, + more

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  • 117 weeks
    Back again!

    I'M BACK! Sorry folks, my computer's hard drive blew up (Not literally) and couldn't get back on until I got a replacement.

    So anyways, Here I am.

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  • 147 weeks
    New Profile in Fanfiction!

    So yeah, I've join Fanfiction and already I've made a story with a very similar character from my story, "Desert Ranger of Equestria" and called it 'Ranger of Remnant', a crossover story between Fallout New Vegas and RWBY. I just needed to do a story or so that involves instead with MLP crossovers. I'm not abandoning Fimfiction at all or the stories, I just wanted to write other stories of

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  • 151 weeks
    edited the chapter 'To the Hunt and into Battle'

    I added more to the chapter of 'Knight of Steel' and made it a little longer, but in the future I will actually add more and more to it to make it even longer, but for now, enjoy.

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  • 162 weeks
    Re-edited chapter of 'Knight of Steel'

    I re-edited the last chapter 'The Arrival' I made again to be even more longer this time, well I added more content where it left off so if any of you have already read it, then just skip down when the airship arrived to canterlot and also, heres a sneak peek for this battle

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  • 163 weeks
    Knight of Steel Chapter re-written

    I have edited the Chapter 'The Last Stand and Reinforcements" into a longer chapter and a surprise at the end.:pinkiehappy:

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Special for the story 'Knight of Steel' · 2:04pm Dec 12th, 2015

I want to hear from you guys of who you want Paladin Knight Vaughn to meet next whether it be a character from the MLP itself, or another universe like a certain anime, another game, etc. Comment me at the story itself for your answers.:pinkiehappy:

Report Alpha777 · 239 views · Story: Knight of Steel ·
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Comments ( 10 )

i kinda want to see him meet either Andrew Ryan from Bioshock or a sane Ghost person from the Fallout: NV dlc Blood Money.

3644794 I can probably do a crossover with bioshock and the Fallout NV sane ghost people deal

3644834 That would be awesome mate.

Could you try & do any members of Noble Squad? I mean, Jorge could have been teleported in the slipspace blast... along with some of the Covenant Supercarrier it was destroying. Just a thought.

Why not Paladin Danse, or maybe Hanzo Hasashi (human scorpion) from MKX

3663002 Maybe with Paladin Danse but I have no idea what is MKX is, sorry.:applejackunsure:

Oh, it's Mortal Kombat X

3664207 Oh ok then yes I would do that, I'm used to seeing the entire title not the MKX.:twilightsheepish:

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