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Finally watched the season finale and....amputee Rainbow?! · 12:42am Dec 5th, 2015

In the Sombra timeline, she had a metal wing! It could have been armour, but none of the other pegasi had anything like it, which leads me to believe it was a replacement for a wing lost in battle. What do you think? Is there an amputee story group? 'Cause that would be awesome.

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Yep, that was a almost certainly a metal prosthetic. If you look at her, she had a bit more damage than just that. Facial scar across one eye, and the wing on the other side was a but roughed up, too.

3593307 She also was missing a chunk in her left ear.

Definitely adds to her awesome badassery, though.:rainbowdetermined2:

Yeah, in any timeline Rainbow = Awesome.

One disappointment, in none of the alternate futures did we see AJ's parents. Was almost hoping for that, though it seems to fit that they passed before she got her cutie mark, possibly sometime just after Apple Bloom's birth.:applejackunsure:


Hnnnng, that gets me goin'. I want to write a story about her injury and rehab, now!

3596617 In my headcanon, she saw an opportunity to take out Sombra himself with a sonic sliceboom. (Remember when the Wonderbolts shaved Big Spike's head with the wind from their wings? That x1000.) Unfortunately, he saw her coming and barely summoned/grew a single sharp crystal in front of him. Any other pegasus wouldn't have had the reflexes to dodge, but instead of being split down the middle, she only lost a wing.

The group you're looking for is Amputees and Amputations.


That's awesome! Thanks!

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