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SERIOUSLY?! · 10:13pm Mar 6th, 2017

Welp, there go like three of my fanfics...

Also, I was sans Internet for two weeks, which meant that when I came back to Fimfic, I had a whole bunch of notifications WHICH HAD ALL BEEN PURGED! AGH!

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Dude, I've been out of the country and sans Internet for awhile. It literally says that in the post. 0_o

It be weird dat for sure. Oddly we're no the only ones to get our head cannons messed with according to this. Good ol' G.M. Barrow got some of her novel material knocked askew. Her AJ chapter book, implies AJ's mother being the Apple Family descendant, and dad being unmentioned. Now it's daddy Apple and mom's a ... Pear Blossom? Her father doesn't approve ... Uh, hold on a sec ... something seems familiar ... But how does 'Uncle Orange' fit in to all this? Bah, all fruit anyway, just need a 26 of rum and we're good.

Personally I think the RD parents episode may be our long waited 'adoption' episode. Not really, I think it may be a 'step parent' episode involving RD, Scoots, and the fact they both are going to be from merged families, or split families (separated/remarried parents) a common occurrence in the Western World it seems.

Glad to have you back from Baguetteville. Trust it was a good time.


RD's dad had a rainbow mane. Doesn't mean she's not adopted; just means that they could have recognized a rare trait and picked her because of it.

Bonus: when I was a kid, my mom decided to tell me a different version of Cinderella, one where she was bad and her step-sisters were good, so that's why they got to go to the ball. I didn't know what a "step-sister" was, so to make things simpler she just called them by my Dad's sisters' names. That Christmas, I told my aunts "Mommy said Cinderella's step-sisters were called Mary and Margaret!" and.... there was a huge fight. :raritycry:

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