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my Blueblood 40k design is ready! · 7:44am Dec 4th, 2015

It's been a while since I did anything for PONYHAMMER: The Warp incursion. I'll be honest, I let myself get overwhelmed. Seasons 4 and 5 brought in a lot of new characters, abilities, relationships and clarified some aspects of Equestria that I wanted to include while others undermined or contradicted several others. I should have been content to let my work pass into the realm of headcanon and AU since that's where it started and honestly that's the only place it'll ever fit. I shouldn't have let the concerns about a unified narrative, perfectly cohesive story and the challenges of getting every character in a 40+ cast get me down. And I really shouldn't have let the logistics of balancing everything overwhelm me so much that everything came to a screeching halt.

But there it is, I did.

I've got a lot of chapters with some things I'm not proud of and others I'm not satisfied with along with a few things I thought were too cool to keep to myself... but you can't just write Chapters 7, 17 and the finale without everyone have a clue what happened in the middle. And writing that middle has been so not good...

But that's not what you're here. more likely than not you're here because you saw this awesome sketch by OMNY87 and wanted to get the lowdown. Unless you're like a MAD magazine reader from the early 80's in which case you expect to see a big block of text, you skim the big block of text for references and hyperlinks like this one that'll give you an idea into the characters 'w's' - why they were chosen, what aspect of their character I'm using, who they're supposed to be, what they expect to become, where they're going and what will happen to them.

Yeah, click the link for the rundown in Chapter 10 if you want to see Blueblood in action shifting from who he was to the Pony Marine here. Thanks again to everyone who's read the story and shared words of encouragement and critique.


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